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  1. Jiyeon Reveals What Was Different About T-ara’s “What’s My Name” Comeback https://t.co/2zKI27lKrr

  2. Download [Mini Album] G-Dragon (Big Bang) – KWON JI YONG (MP3 iTunes Plus AAC M4A) https://t.co/02FB7W5pVt

  3. https://t.co/BDzn6A6r3S https://t.co/tE2A0ZxWTb

  4. https://t.co/TPCew15Au2

  5. Park Jiyeon is now in cambodia ❤️

  6. Like https://t.co/GQaB2BrX31 https://t.co/L2MVEhvRq8

  7. Very impressive, awesome new style and concept. (Y) TVXQ! http://t.co/BQcIQBjdhz

  8. Officially Missing You


    We Are Waiting For Your ComeBack :* FIGHTING :))

    ~~Jiyeon<3~~ http://t.co/v9oJ0pZ3qo

  10. The order was cancelled due to postponed release of the album, but no worries it will be available soon i guess~ mine got cancelled as well =( was hoping it came together with all the other rest of the japanese version number nine albums~ =/
  11. It usually only comes with one random of 6 different keychain~ meaning you will only get one, which is random one from six different one~ thats my guess keke...and OF COURSE I WISH they would have all 6 in one...since i already pre-ordered all their different jap Number Nine albums kkekeke~
  12. Leng Ho Seah Max Cheong Esmond Tan http://t.co/NdKJQSmsdU

  13. ITS NUMBER 1 ON MUSIC CHARTS WOOOOOTTTT 'I GOT C' XDDDDD so are other songs from infinity challenge song festival~ http://t.co/YTsKK1jLgn

  14. Off i go to school for my last paper~ Macro Econs~ POBI AHHHH! and i haven slept since ytd~~ ( - ( o o ) - ) zZz

  15. They are back to stir up issues once again...the 'Trouble Maker' or rather 'Issue Maker'.... xD Leng Ho Seah Max... http://t.co/waJ6tRyosT

  16. wa hyung Leng Ho Seah your wife so swee in this mv leh...full white like angel like tat...anyhow give people... http://t.co/OJxmzusf3j

  17. its good that thailand is learning korean style of music and style....but this is like just copying... http://t.co/2XG3D0U7Ke

  18. Yippeee~! got mine~ exams around the corner...so won't be doing hd scans till after exams T^T
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