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  1. xDㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ http://t.co/REl0KbgFti

  2. My playlist while studying 'Buyer Behaviour' http://t.co/XSVOiFtt9y

  3. [info]After finishing their 'Number Nine' promotions in Korea, and in Japan, T-ara has now revealed their plans... http://t.co/RrnIXB4F3q

  4. Not to talk about the pre-ordering of T-ARA Japan Tour 2013 - Treasure Box - Live in Budokan DVD/Blu ray is up already~~~ i have yet to pre-order them...but going to do it soon.... ~$$$~ Flys away~~~
  5. SoYeon~!! Her matured sexy look~ >.< I cannot resist noona!!!! *Melts* once again~ ^3^

    Admin HyoShin http://t.co/y8MidjZJ3A

  6. OMG~ just received an email from CDjapan again...T-ARA JAPAN TOUR 2013 -TREASURE BOX- LIVE IN BUDOKAN is UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

  7. T-ARA Number Nine M/V Ver. 2! Enjoy~!

    Admin HyoShin http://t.co/YpOjnOIPJY

  8. They adjusted it to ¥8000~ i just checked XD now my payment in total for all versions including shipping is US$149.07~ T^T
  9. LOL i ordered from CDjapan too...and it went through as well at ¥1800 for the X-MAS edition~ and now its sold out~ ^-^
  10. One of the very reason why i became a Queen's...because T-ara is like a KPOP chameleon~ very distinctive and... http://t.co/cPLgOPXmYb

  11. The links are up fellow Queen's!!! Click here ===> http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25692-pre-order-t-aras-8th-mini-album-again-number-9-japanese-verion-on-yesasia/
  12. Pre-ordered all versions~ ^-^ its SOLD OUT on CDjapan...so please wait for Diadem staff to provide the links to YESasia for pre-ordering! The pre-ordering is up on Yesasia~ so fellow Queen's be patient and wait for our staff to post it up! ^-^ Support T-ARA be proud to be a Queen's!
  13. 131015 T-ara @ SBS "MTV the Show" Here's the updated version in 1080P HD! Enjoy~!!!

    Admin HyoShin http://t.co/T2oBAYvbH1

  14. [iNFO]

    One day earlier than scheduled, T-ara will now release the second MV for 'Number Nine' tomorrow, October... http://t.co/OIMOaevDNg

  15. 131012 T-ara In Mongolia - Roly Poly + YaYaYa + Talk + Day by Day +Wae Ireoni... http://t.co/NPUUNhU2mk

  16. 넘버나인 (No.9) + 느낌 아니까 + 아파 While studying Business Statistics~ (= . =)

  17. T-ara surprise fans outside Inkigayo with snacks

    T-ara surprised over 300 fans waiting for them outside of... http://t.co/dzPKyXG9Rl

  18. Used this for 2 weeks daily night and morning~ really good in softening and soothing my skin!!! http://t.co/boNef2QRYH

  19. I posted 65 photos on Facebook in the album "T-ARA NUMBER 9 Concept photos! ^-^" http://t.co/XdoEfBnEWS

  20. Dino Jiyeon snapped a photo together with Seo In Young~!

    cr: In Young's Instagram

    Admin HyoShin http://t.co/AQL0nHtq0p

  21. Fellow Queen's!!! Please Vote T-ara - Number 9 now on MNET! THEY ARE CURRENTLY ranked N.o 2 in online voting!... http://t.co/ocGn2zpRxz

  22. Yup there is only one for intl...the other link is for Queen's in korea~
  23. Watch our girl's comeback stage on Music Bank in 720p! ^.^

    Admin HyoShin http://t.co/WmiWtDPhMK

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