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    I’m laughing so far. I know Number Nine was very well received in Korea. That article of the Dispatch is pure falsehood.
  2. All international Queen's voted, and I voted in this poll much. Congratulations to all the queen's everywhere in this wide world
  3. For now, do not like it one little bit, but I'll have to wait for their live performance, but I did not like. * each have your opinion *
  4. I see nothing good going that route. I wish that our ladies do not get hurt.
  5. 35,00, 50,00, and 150,000 MNT (Tugrug) LOL These prices are right? kkkkkk
  6. These names that place is very funny to me. I really wanted to buy these dvds with MV. s2 Qri and Boram s2
  7. I really liked the presentation of them. Glad parties disclosed the scenes showing joy. Enjung and Amber. Fighting.
  8. I should have missed work today ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^. I wish I had seen live presentation of our dear Eunjung. Very good program.
  9. Really. I do not know why people are interested in the "fights" of others. The Soyeon may well argue or fight. She can have friends and fight with them. Now comes these ant-fans and is poking without showing his face.
  10. How would you like to buy one of these CDs are so cheap. This Japanese album will be great as any other. I want.
  11. What good news for fans of Eunjung and also of T-ara. I wish luck to Eunjung in his new profession.
  12. The Areum always has a performance style robo that the other girls do not have. Certainly all of them beautiful.
  13. Esses apresentadores são uma comedia - quem não iria ficar fascinado pela beleza angelical da Jiyeon. Achei incrível a T-ara ganhado um premio desse porte neste ano 2012 cheio de controvérsia em cima delas. ////// These presenters are a comedy - who would not be fascinated by the beauty of the angelic Jiyeon. I thought the amazing T-ara won a prize of this size in this year 2012 full of controversy upon them. ///// @Fresh: Do mesmo modo irá ficar sem sentido.
  14. This demonstration today was certainly much more elaborate and creative than yesterday - I do not mean it was bad, but they were worn out by way of Japan You can tell just by looking that Hyomin is always the most joyful dance. Today was beautiful! A beautiful presentation style T-ara! T-ara Combat!!
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