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  1. hyomin is so sexy!!!! and eunjung looks so hot as well
  2. awww hyomin i miss you T.T i hope your movie will do well. hyomin fighting t-ara fighting!!!
  3. i dont think she cut her hair. i think she wore a wig..if u watch music bank performance yesterday hyomin hair is still the same.
  4. i like this performance. the bgm is not so loud as usual and we can hear their voices clearly ^^
  5. k-netizen..just leave t-ara alone already.. >.< i swear they are like hyenas ready to attack t-ara's every single action -.-" i pity the girls just when they are just about to move away from the bullying rumour they are thrown into another scandal. for real ccm.. can you please shut your mouth? you are not doing any good to t-ara at all..their management is so so so ughhhhhh >.< i am very worried about the girls' mental and physical states now..i hope they will overcome this with grace and be on top on kpop again. be strong t-ara. we will always love and support you
  6. great decision indeed. money is not everything. they really care for their fans. t-ara fighting!!
  7. hopefully someone will sub it. i want to know what they are saying
  8. girls in black. they are awesomeeee even though hyomin is my bias i think jiyeon looks the prettiest here but hyomin is still the sexiest
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