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  1. #Travel to #Europe with TourRadar and CostSaver! #EuropeCalling #gotouring https://t.co/aj3RMwoBGF

  2. RT @GRLGROUPCONFESS: whenever other group is winning, is because they use bots, cheating. Nevertheless, when their fav is winning,leading i…

  3. RT @zertt_lense: They were featuring Yebin & Somyi too ? https://t.co/jwYmWxL3hS

  4. RT @HtetNayLinOo: Do not be too quick to condemn Aung San Suu Kyi https://t.co/v1bQiyls4J

  5. RT @MyanmarSC: State Counsellor addresses meeting on Rakhine State Stability. ---> https://t.co/aEHz8w0PmZ https://t.co/ZRNPPTCreZ

  6. @T_araBar C-Queen's are the best of the best

  7. C-Queen's are the best https://t.co/URvBLrLddg

  8. Congratulations BTS <3 #BBMAs #BTS #TopSocialArtist #2017

  9. 와우 대박 지연효민 너무 섹시하다. https://t.co/9mGLqZFl9d

  10. RT @DIA_intl: [PHOTO] Naver Starcast #DIA #다이아 with T-Ara @ T-Ara's comeback showcase backstage ? @dia_official https://t.co/g4f1X4VAaA

  11. RT @khhhome_com: [161021] 뮤직뱅크 다이아 희현 팬미팅 나 무서운 사람이야~!

  12. RT @yongchanie: 161014 구로팬사인회 채원이2 4pic @dia_official #다이아 #dia #은채 https://t.co/4EgUJEpCXV

  13. RT @Chaewon_kr: 160923 KBS 뮤직뱅크 #다이아 #은채 #DIA #Eunchae #권채원 https://t.co/C1AMQVxtAm 아침 햇살이 마치 널 안고 있는 듯해 꼬마 아이처럼 날 보던 눈빛이 자꾸만 떠올라 https:…

  14. The fight ChaeJin https://t.co/ljnrDZPrXK

  15. Super Cute Baby Eunchae https://t.co/ZTvYmHPDI6

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