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  1. to me from the video it doesnt sounds bad. i took a break from kpop and t-ara for a few months, but im kind of over this whole thing with them and hwayoung. everybody should just leave them alone and move on. dont know whos right and whos wrong but who cares. whats done is done cant change it.
  2. wow 14. thats really young or is it that im old? ever since i read that there adding new members, i really didnt know what to think. i dont like when a group changes members. just like when they added hwayoung, but look at her now, everyone likes her and even me. im not going to hate but support the new members, but i just wont like the changes for awhile. everyone doesnt like that ccm adding member but you give them a few months and everyone going to love them.
  3. i dont like the sound of all of this. i dont know what to say at this point but we all have to see where this whole thing is going. if any one of them leave, i hope all 6 of them leave together. right now i only see them as 6.
  4. this is why i like them. even though there busy they do these kind of stuff. also they do what they promise to the fans.
  5. i really enjoy the pictures thanks for sharing. btw what is that green bottle boram's drinking? kind of a big drink. its getting me hungry.
  6. this was going to be a very good christmas gift for us fans but i kind of thought that its was going to be delayed. no matter jan 2 is not that far away.
  7. Thanks for the friend add. hope you havr a great day

  8. another great album is released. i must say im proud of them and that all of the songs just kills.hope they succeed, but most of all i hope t-ara wins every week.
  9. just watch it like 5 mins ago and i must say the MV is the best so far in 2011. the song sounds pretty good also but i think i'll have to just listen to the song by its self, i was to focused on the mv. cant wait for part 2.
  10. wow now i really cant wait for there comback. hope they can make it big with this song
  11. i was wondering who ji won was. i didnt know its the same girl from 5 girls. its good that they still keep in touch with each other. also ive seen somewhere that ji won is going to debut as a actor pretty soon? if not i must have read wrong.
  12. wow i wish i can get those. lucky to whoever get the aprons. cant wait till thier debut in japan. btw they all look pretty hot in those aprons. i cant just imagine them in the kitchen cooking in those
  13. Happy Birthday!!! :D :D :D

  14. id say this is smart for them to change leaders. i mean it gives them a chance to lead at least one time.
  15. Yeah Hawaii is one of the places I must visit ! >_<~

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