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  1. That's the way girls !!! Keep doing what you guys are doing !!!!!!
  2. Hmm, she looks good with short hair too. But I still prefer her with long hair of course
  3. Merry Christmas to you guys too! Sigh, on Christmas day itself they still gotta work Hope their hard work pays off.
  4. Japan is always so lucky. All the kpop idols always go there first T_T Hope they'll have a fan meeting here too.
  5. Heard they'll be attending all the year end award shos too. Hope they'll be healthy enough and have some good rest.
  6. Thx for upload! Wonderful performance and glad that they won something ^^
  7. This guys are just being too sensitive about everything T-ara does Yea gambling, but not like it's some serious casino gambling
  8. Yeah man, that's the way girls! Hope they'll start doing proper cfs soon like usual
  9. Wow, I gotta say all of them looked stunning here! Especially Hyo Min, her hairstyle and makeup, is like WOW !!
  10. What a treat huh? All of them looked cool I'll say Well, they don't look as bright as they usually do
  11. Well, if it's me I'm gonna pick Eunjung as my mom. Gonna be real cool
  12. She looks stunning as usual! Oo, and she dyed back her hair to black? She looks fantastic with the red hair though.
  13. Hahaha, Jiyeon and her sports. I'll bet she's gonna make a good sportswoman if she didn't became an idol
  14. Hahaha, cute interview. And actually I think Jiyeon's face is bigger than Aruem's, lol.
  15. Hyo min's ideal type, an unstable person? Oo Jiyeon loves hardworking people huh? Thats so me
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