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  1. they all look very pretty they are beautiful goddesses Hyomin looks sexy wearing that dress..
  2. they already have a lot of schedules for next year, i don't know what will happen if they accept it.. hope they will stay healthy..
  3. thanks for sharing this video.. i wish i could understand what they're saying..
  4. she looks so pretty.. well, qri always looks pretty to me..
  5. thanks for sharing... all of them were amazing... T-ara the best..
  6. i agree with ppang0531.. all the screaming was only for T-ara T-ara fighting!!!
  7. they look so tired i hope they can get enough rest wow... eunjung got lot of flowers...
  8. jiyeon and areum got many presents from vn queen's
  9. waiting for the next images.. what that means circle at qri's photo??
  10. thanks for the post.. they're look so cute and pretty.. T-ara the best
  11. both look very happy, excited and enjoying the event.. if all members can participate in the event, it would have been nice to see all the members were always together
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