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  1. I'm here *flips hair*

  2. Kim Tae Kyun is a photographer that has worked with various artists in the industry such as IU, Hyuna (4minute), Henry (Super Junior-M) etc. #지연 CR: less_photo@instagram + Aly + Tiaradiadem
  3. Last piece of chocolate belongs to me!

  4. I mean LOOKS FAT. lol

  5. Stupid ice cream cake

  6. I slept at 7 AM. I feel like a zombie

  7. And we'll never be royals

  8. I haven't slept yet... *cries*

  9. RT @SoShiPickUp: Jessica: Hey Sooyoung, I don't believe in Love at First Sight

    Sooyoung: Wae?

    Jessica: Because I Believe The Situation

  10. I can't believe you're my bias -_-http://t.co/i6Qa9mSL5B

  11. Because I was bored okay?! Haha http://t.co/zUljbiKv2O

  12. What is it with this fandom and photoshop? http://t.co/G6i4tPqLsY

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