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  1. Even though it took them 6 months to apologize we need to see the bright side and hope netizens decide to unnveil what really happened based on the recent news...this apologize letter,the fake kakaostory conversation...All of them indicate that the entire controversy was fake epecially the third part they almost say she was innocent.Just wished to see netizens comments if they found out CCM said the truth in the time of the controversy or if the girls were innocent.
  2. This is cause a lot of sarcastic comments even though the idea was to help.CCM shouldn´t be doing this if they want to avoid hateful coments but again T-ara haven´t done anything wrong so...
  3. Seriously?I didn´t know norml teasing between friends would be considerated bullying.I believe that he netizens are trying to crack t-aras comeback in march.I bet the next scandal is going to be because the comeback is on hwayoung birthmonth.I just wish CCM would actually start to show proofs that the gils haven´t done bullyed hwayoung.On other hand did KKS got fired?The new PR is actually good.
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