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  1. How do I know that my user is ok or not?
  2. Never Ever 1 Min 1 Sec

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIADEM 🎂🎉🎁🎊🎆 WOW 5 years anniversary is not a normal one. Our admins, moderate teams, staff and also our lovely members. We did the great job here. Diadem bring us the happiness about our beloved T-ara and also friendship between us. Thank you all 😊🙆💞👍✌👌👏
  4. Such a lovely song...and lovely couple singers... They are so adorable... Yah I love jazz...
  5. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year...^^

  6. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year...greeting time make me lazy...^^

  7. This is really cute. Somebody Sub this please
  8. I'm in Japan now as visitor and I'll flight back to my country tomorrow. I want to see this movie but I don't know how? Could any Japanese queen's help me here?
  9. Is Jiyeon's knee better now? Please take care of yourself All Queen's always send them lots of love.
  10. I've got stunned by her beauty... May be I should change my screen shot.
  11. Number 9 is my favorite number now

  12. I've done with this hard process. Ccm confirm already. Thanks to diadem team and special thanks to tark048, you help me a lot in our language. THANK YOU
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