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  1. WOW jiyeon with belond bangs and green eyes It seems that more information will be released on april 12th lets see how the other members will be
  2. Core Contends Media has denied every information about T-ara's sub-unit. The agency said CCM may sued those media spreading the rumor. credit: tarashinjiru
  3. you are right In twitter the original news got deleted I don't know what's happening, KKs got regret in just a few hours? pffff
  4. I can't deny that I always waited for eunjimin sub unit , but if another member shoud be added I really prefer soyeon than areum. I think nowdays that subunits are more successful than whole groups( like sistar 19 or orange caramel) KKS is trying to a make a successful sub unit too, but isn't it too early to comeback? Anyway I hope they can be really successful and be top of other girl groups.
  5. Shadi


    Eunjung always shines, but wait what's wrong with Jonghyun?
  6. 40k in first day is GREAT! step by step t-ara will become like kara in Japan
  7. Thank you so much, I think it will be aired in April 19th in Mnet Japan
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