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  1. Some things are only temporary.

  2. RT @MindsConsole: In case nobody told you... https://t.co/AykJOFzco5

  3. BBB. Bye Big Boss.

  4. There's more to life than work...

  5. RT @Women_Of_Christ: Put your trust in God, not man.

  6. We aint the best of friends. We are enemies but we are each other's human diary. So yeah. https://t.co/QVLWhzHGYy

  7. I really like Byun Hye Hyeong's character! Such a strong-willed woman but when it comes to her family and loved ones, she is soft! :)

  8. RT @PINOY_QUOTES: Dear G, thank you for this another day.

  9. I should plan an escape from here.

  10. Grateful for the blessing. Always. #grateful #blessed #goodmorning https://t.co/ossui7wWUe

  11. RT @PINOY_QUOTES: Jesus is the way, the truth and the light! ?

  12. It seems that waiting takes forever ?

  13. Unta matag buan nako si bea del or si jia or si jho or si alyssa inig naa nako didto...hahays. #awlaysbeafan

  14. Mao ni nga kanta among gi sayaw adtong Grade 6 pa ko para sa foundation day sa school... #sentisabado https://t.co/piVDZid5qu

  15. to go or not to go...that is the question.

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