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  1. RT @PINOY_QUOTES: Dear G, thank you for this another day.

  2. I should plan an escape from here.

  3. Grateful for the blessing. Always. #grateful #blessed #goodmorning https://t.co/ossui7wWUe

  4. RT @PINOY_QUOTES: Jesus is the way, the truth and the light! ?

  5. It seems that waiting takes forever ?

  6. Unta matag buan nako si bea del or si jia or si jho or si alyssa inig naa nako didto...hahays. #awlaysbeafan

  7. Mao ni nga kanta among gi sayaw adtong Grade 6 pa ko para sa foundation day sa school... #sentisabado https://t.co/piVDZid5qu

  8. to go or not to go...that is the question.

  9. Lord pls strengthen me and give me wisdom... ☺

  10. Back to square 1.

  11. I wanna go home to the province rn. I just wanna chill and unwind....drink coffee by the beach while reading pocketbook.

  12. RT @QuoteBeauties: Nothing is permanent. Especially people. Don't have your hopes high, friends become strangers, lovers become friends. An…

  13. People come and go...

  14. Grabe..ang swag naman ng dlsu lady spikers....

  15. Guitar is my best friend tonight ?

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