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  1. RT @Deepestmessages: It's funny how we feel so much but we don't say a word, we're screaming inside but we can't be heard

  2. RT @deannawongst: “We shouldn’t change ourselves for anyone.”

  3. RT @friendyy1213: We always have that one friend na mahilig manghampas. HAHAHA @143redangel Judge QueenAngel #PGTIbaDin https://t.co/QOcqt…

  4. Everything falls perfectly in God's time because His timing is perfect. So be patient child.… https://t.co/ZIQnOwCkZQ

  5. Work activities for the year are overwhelming. Pero kaya natin ito. Aja!

  6. That's all I need to know---knowing that you feel the same too.

  7. Happiest birthday bespren Eman! Wishing you a lot of happiness and success in everything you do! Miss you much! Love you! @eman_m19

  8. Sweat it out!!! #afterworkgame https://t.co/kqHTR8ea5I

  9. Thank you so much ate Ann for this ref magnet pasalubong! I'm so touched u remember my "reminder"? https://t.co/2cPLEzcotc

  10. Why so serious brad?? https://t.co/6NjmIfs8Ae

  11. Some things are only temporary.

  12. RT @MindsConsole: In case nobody told you... https://t.co/AykJOFzco5

  13. There's more to life than work...

  14. RT @Women_Of_Christ: Put your trust in God, not man.

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