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  1. They are so sweet and thoughtful! Can they be anymore perfect? I am proud to be a Queen. T-ara hwaiting!
  2. I can't wait to see!!! Does anybody have a video or have they found one online?
  3. Jiyeon's hair!!!!! OMGGGGGG I loved her long pretty hair from before! Noooooo
  4. I'm so jealous of everyone that went to support them! I wish I could've gone! T-ara N4 fighting!!!
  5. Don't get me wrong, I like Areum but I'm more a fan of the trio and I would've liked it more if it was just the trio but I will support T-ara no matter what. Hwaiting
  6. Jiyeon is gorgeous as always and Eunjung is looking fab! T-ara hwaiting!!!!!
  7. Jiyeon's solo my sea is the best! It's so good and it's my favorite! T-ara hwaiting.
  8. They all look so beautiful! Jiyeon is looking gorgeous as usual and I'm glad she lost those awkward bangs...it didn't suit her
  9. "In this regard, we ask KEMA to understand our company’s position and request that the case “KEMA members’ boycott of YeIn E&M dramas for 2 years”, put forward by the Penalties Adjustment Ethics Committee, be withdrawn." I feel like they are only writing this apology to get the penalty withdrawn. Poor Eunjung hwaiting!
  10. I'm not sure if anyone has already asked this but does anyone know when it'll be released?
  11. Oh my gosh Hyomin looks hawt! And I think I have a girl crush on both Jiyeon and Hyomin! Lol
  12. They all look so cute but oh my gosh what happened to Jiyeon's hair?! The bottom half is red
  13. Gahhh! She is so cute! She looks that character from the Nintendo game...I forgot her name Chun Lee?
  14. They said that they are considering a T-ara member but it is not Soyeon. Maybe it'll be Eunjung, Jiyeon, or Hyomin!
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