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  1. Ah! That's a good news! I can't wait, just two weeks left. The concept is just perfect for me!
  2. Username: luis_beto Award I want: Hyomin Achievement: Signed Up Username: luis_beto Award I want: EunYeon Achievement: 25 posts Username: luis_beto Award I want: QBS Shipper Achievement: 50 posts
  3. New year, new prospect...

  4. Timing, timing, it's great doesn't?

  5. Sugar Free on the new PIU!

  6. Should I join the Diadem subbing team... that's the question -_-

  7. Simply I musn't see the Hyomin's solo MV, because I have to study and I don't want to become crazy for that!

  8. The title "cute and sexy" describes her perfectly. I can't wait for the MV, however I'd feel a bit bad if she does something overly sexy
  9. Hyomin I love you!

  10. Just I need a graphic card more powerful to run BF4 on my PC :)

  11. What can I say?... Simply perfect, was amazing Even I was more happy than I played for first time Battlefield 4 and GTA 5. The game was perfect and frustrating at the same time, 'cuz my bad english and my inattention were and are my worst enemies. Anyways I finished and would be great if in the future could have more levels. Thank you guys for the effort and this big game, really, thanks a lot
  12. Thank you for sharing this, even if I don't finish to Invincible Youth it's great, thanks to that show, I love Hyomin so much
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