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  1. Ah! That's a good news! I can't wait, just two weeks left. The concept is just perfect for me!
  2. New year, new prospect...

  3. Timing, timing, it's great doesn't?

  4. Sugar Free on the new PIU!

  5. Should I join the Diadem subbing team... that's the question -_-

  6. Simply I musn't see the Hyomin's solo MV, because I have to study and I don't want to become crazy for that!

  7. The title "cute and sexy" describes her perfectly. I can't wait for the MV, however I'd feel a bit bad if she does something overly sexy
  8. Hyomin I love you!

  9. Just I need a graphic card more powerful to run BF4 on my PC :)

  10. What can I say?... Simply perfect, was amazing Even I was more happy than I played for first time Battlefield 4 and GTA 5. The game was perfect and frustrating at the same time, 'cuz my bad english and my inattention were and are my worst enemies. Anyways I finished and would be great if in the future could have more levels. Thank you guys for the effort and this big game, really, thanks a lot
  11. Thank you for sharing this, even if I don't finish to Invincible Youth it's great, thanks to that show, I love Hyomin so much
  12. Wow!, It's the first time that I see Eunjung with long hair, I never thought see her just like that....looks weird, I don't know but anyway; I like her
  13. OMG!!! They are so beauty I think I gonna die!!! I can't wait for their comeback this month.... so my credit card it's ready... just wait
  14. Waitng for something important...

  15. Vacaciones???? Que es eso??? Se come????

  16. Ahhh that topic gave me an heart attack... so beautiful, I have no words to describe it I wish get a android phone
  17. Thank you for the scans, downloading...
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