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  1. Back after a super long hiatus ._.

  2. I'm so psychic for their comeback now because of this. The teaser looks like a sad mellow song but we can't ever predict a T-ARA song until it comes out so, I'm so anticipating it. The concept looks mature and beautiful, I love it so far And I can't even comprehend how good Jiyeon looks there. It's funny how I keep thinking 'She can't look any better than this anymore, this is the best' during No.9, but she keeps coming out surprising me. I love her hair here, her stare, her expression, but oh then again, I guess I just love everything Jiyeon. Lol She looks beyond gorgeous. Can't wait for other awesome pics from Qri Boram Eunjung Hyomin Soyeon soon
  3. This is sooooooo cooooooool Gaming with T-ARA as the characters is heaven for me *high pitch scream :D Kudos for Diadem staffs, you guys are super awesome yay! I basically like RPG, but any other kind of game is fine as long as it's t-ara lol. Just imagine chibi t-ara running around on my screen is beyond fun enough for me hahaha Anticipating for this! fighting
  4. Desert...okay...DESERT Because T-ara ain't got time for your normal, old style k-pop concept looool I'm imagining awesome things and scenery from this one. Hope CCM doesn't screw things and does something right this time. *fingers crossed
  5. Lol I always ended up waiting for Mind Your Own Bussiness part in every performances because Jiyeon keeps changing her expression in each stage. Today her expression is exactly the same with the MV XD And yay, the punch dance is back!! Hahahaa XD
  6. I nearly had a heart attack too when Jiyeon suddenly leaned towards Eunjung with that super fast speed. If Eunjung turned her head around a bit then some real, serious chaos would have happened XD
  7. I wonder if Jiyeon will say something too later when the full broadcast is out. She was sooo quiet in T-ara's confession months ago. And she doesn't talk too in this preview. I'd like to hear her, but she seems too tired to even talk about all of this. If I was her, I would have been jaded and stoned, or frozen since long time ago, because seriously, the hate that she received is the worst and beyond normal. It's too much to handle, for a 20 years old girl. I was even afraid that she had run out of tears, dried.
  8. I was thinking that Eunjung will have a hair extension like in the MV's teaser, but they cut it even shorter instead XD But still, she looks cool like that
  9. Holy moly, they were shooting the MV for 4 days and 3 nights? I hope the girls don't faint or sick or something Anyway, wish the best for TN-4. May their hard-work resulting in a satisfying end
  10. Holy hell! Jiyeon's absssss! Since when did she get so..curvy? Man, the kid has totally grown up,like,totally.. *die XD
  11. Gah! Love the strong beat music at the end! I just loovee that type of beat because it makes me want to party hard XD And I've already been imagining how they will dance to it. I'm going to have seizure if they dance to that beat with those absss o___O Ah, forgive me XD
  12. Oh we have a completely same taste then XD I love it when she was using side fringe hair or none at all XD Anyway, I respect her. To appear first and alone in K-media (regarding this comeback) is pretty tough on her. Even if it's CCM decision, I'm still amazed she's brave enough to do it. It's not a bra XD It's called tube top. A sleeveless, shoulderless garment for women. It's like a mini tank-top.
  13. Oh my god, that staaaareee lol I wished her bangs would be darker-colored though.
  14. Seeing this news just now, and I'm speechless.... XD KKS' statement surely go back and forth like a freaking wind. I am done being trolled. Let me grab a chair and just wait until the song comes out for real. Anyway, despite my personal troubled feeling about this sub-unit, wish the best for the girls as always. May the song comes out great and enjoyable. They literally really need outstanding song to survive in SK now.
  15. @Eunjung4Eva Well what I said earlier is because of some articles like Nichkun who halted his schedule and did volunteer work instead, Kim Yong Man who stop his activity and formally apologize, and E-Sens who returns to Supreme Team after 2 years of reflection. They all get nice feedback and positive response in top comments (you're talking about top comments so I just add this information). Well, I'm not really a fan of this "reflection" thingy, but apparently, majority of K-netizens think it's what people should do, and since T-ara live and operate in SK, I think it would be better if they lay low back then when the incident exploded. Yes, there will still be people who can't get over it, and repeatedly attack them, but at least the amount of antis wouldn't be so much and hype to the point where they keep running around making a fuss and mention T-ARA's name in every articles in Nate, even if it's not related to T-ara at all. From there I make a conclusion that the amount of hate Daesung and Block B get is not even half close to T-ARA. And yes, haters gonna hate, it's fans who support, but don't forget that some haters are ex-fans, well at least those 6k people who left official fan-cafe at Daum. I hope I don't do anything offensive, I mean no harm, just exchanging thoughts. Sorry if there's anything wrong, I'm gonna stop because the moderators above have asked to talk about related-content only. But it's really nice having a discussion with fellow Diadems, I just can't help myself to shut up
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