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  1. RT @PoemsPorn: https://t.co/EANHpizSGk

  2. RT @Sunkiss_flower: Watching over you https://t.co/QDx0rMmfxR

  3. RT @starbizmy: Bitcoin blasts to new all-time high of US$6,450 https://t.co/cUm0xAVya4 https://t.co/PylPRIGnig

  4. RT @EarnKnowledge: This is the way animals show their gratitude to the people who saved them?❤️ https://t.co/1iPcmWliGf

  5. RT @FluffSociety: "If i can't see vet, vet can't see me" https://t.co/oClFiPFDfv

  6. RT @AMAZlNGNATURE: Kitty accidentally pressed the turbo button ? https://t.co/zJ9BtMgGUr

  7. RT @PoemsPorn: https://t.co/0kIIckkBQ0

  8. RT @PopuIarVideos: This is what happens to your social media when you die https://t.co/7yvDjdrwG2

  9. RT @TonyAudentes: Girl: Choke me daddy. Me: Serve a plate of bahulu without drinks. https://t.co/hmho0UYFIj

  10. RT @iadorespace: Blue is the most relaxing color https://t.co/xyrGubd7qg

  11. RT @ulat_bulu_bulu: Tunggu bas sekolah ? https://t.co/ejd6UT3Vg7

  12. RT @HasibMN: "Smiling is Resistance" For ANYONE who has been... this is so real. No one can wipe the smile from Palestinians face. God bl…

  13. RT @Saydazainab143: 'Young Muslim boys were banging on our doors to wake everyone up.' - Locals praise Muslim community following #Grenfell…

  14. @izzuePZ ish3. kt DIY rm 5

  15. @WanRusydi go arsenal go

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