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  1. RT @coffeefoIk: A coffee a day keeps everyone away if you throw it at them.

  2. RT @ayie0401: Semua pakat dok tunggu 31/ 1 kan? Katanya nak tgok "super blue blood moon".. ni panduan utk hampa solat sunat gerhana #subha…

  3. RT @AshKaneSkittles: whoever is cutting onions, pls stop https://t.co/RYd1UFoOwH

  4. RT @BBAnimals: He thinks the parade is just for him https://t.co/JbLbKI7nxa

  5. RT @SoReIatable: xxxx don’t “previously on...” me. i have been watching this show for 4 hours. i know what happened https://t.co/dXLm03NRyS

  6. RT @PoemsPorn: https://t.co/W4co8KeKxu

  7. Heavy traffic. 2 kali hampir lemas ???

  8. RT @itsteme: The quickest way to achieve something is to do exactly what you're afraid to do. If you can't overcome your fear, Do it while…

  9. RT @Mohnnd41: Its been 18 xxxxing minutes and its not solving any xxxx UMNIA https://t.co/J7OE2b3RCx

  10. RT @ItMeIRL: Me_irl https://t.co/KktKiodVj9

  11. RT @PoemsPorn: https://t.co/EANHpizSGk

  12. RT @Sunkiss_flower: Watching over you https://t.co/QDx0rMmfxR

  13. RT @starbizmy: Bitcoin blasts to new all-time high of US$6,450 https://t.co/cUm0xAVya4 https://t.co/PylPRIGnig

  14. RT @EarnKnowledge: This is the way animals show their gratitude to the people who saved them?❤️ https://t.co/1iPcmWliGf

  15. RT @FluffSociety: "If i can't see vet, vet can't see me" https://t.co/oClFiPFDfv

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