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  1. Thanks!! really hahaha..waaa Boram is so cute *3* and Jiyeon japanese ajsdjhasd *-*
  2. Awwwwws! I love her "signature move" hahaha *-* She is so pretty and cute, Congrats Aerum! keep growing as a member of T-ara, as a singer and as a person, you have great future x3
  3. Good! T-ara continues to make history for the k-pop world, With The Budokan concert first and now Hyomin with this! I'm really happy for her x3 and I like how each member of T-ara is growing individually, it would help them a lot. Hyomin fighting!
  4. Relly late apologize...I get angry a little ... because Eunjung really was excited to return to act again, and they do much damage to her... but well, better late than never...I guess u.u
  5. I dont relly give attention to the rumors, I´m just very happy that T-ara are doing things like this, in my opinion they really like this kind of thing, help people, and with the beautiful smiles that they have they would make a great day for those people who need it ^^
  6. Waaaa I love Amber and Eunjung combination! They are so Funny ( especially Amber) and so cute (especially Eunjung ) hahaha I love then! want to see more of this Champion program, really hope to see more upload videos of the program here in the forum x3 and if they were with subtitles better * - *
  7. WoW...Eunjung second pic...just...wow .<3...I love her, she can be sometimes so cute and sometimes so sexy *-* xD
  8. Yeeeiii! Bunny Style! I think that fits perfect to the style of all T-ara members! I think they will look better than thet style of kittens, but I loved that too hahaha, but the Bunny Style seems more pure, sweet and adorable, just like T-ara . I would like to buy the albums, but in my country is far away, expensive and do not believe my parents let me>.>
  9. Awwws! they seem really good friends and very original, everything goes very natural hahaha I'm glad that's Eunjung going well lately x3
  10. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Boram solo! *-* my dream has come true!! I'm excited! not only for Boram, Qri also, because both have beautiful voices and now fans can appreciate them even more! _<3
  11. Yeyy! So happy for Eunjung x3 also because we can see her more ofthen =D *-*
  12. Aaaaaaa! Hyomin! always leaves us with intrigue * - *! I really hope it is a new Japanese album! I love when they sing in Korean, but in Japanese they sing very cute too *3*, I love the Budokan concert that was all in japanese ! I'm really excited, I want to see the girls back in action again x3!
  13. Waaa! great news! I want to see her acting because that makes her happy I think x3
  14. Well, hopefully all quiet again, I trust that Soyeon is fine now, she is strong , but have to be careful, it seems there is always someone waiting for her to do something bad u.u
  15. Haters, haters everywhere >.> I really hate this kind of envious people trying to convert a normal conversation in a problem, Soyeon was just talking to her friends, she has every right to do so and no one has to bother her for what she talk in private, and less if there have no reason. I really hates when in such situations they try to compare the attitude of the idols with the attitude of a Goddess, they are also human, not goddesses, and they can be wrong, but this is not the case, Soyeon did nothing wrong and I sure do not will be no problem>. <!
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