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  1. ^Subs have been released already. Link was provided in first post as well.
  2. So you guys are aware that technically you can just reply here and you're entered. =)
  3. All I can say from that teaser is... I don't like it at all. I know Hyomin's had short hair in the past, but for this one, I'm not quite liking it. Seems playful, to me at least, I was thinking it'd be a more sexy or even cutesy image. Although I know Jiyeon did the Sexy image so that Hyomin wouldn't be doing that as well. Well time to await for the full MV before I make my final judgement.
  4. @Snaildot: Trim your post down by half =P You double posted within 1 post.
  5. OH wait this isn't Happy 5th birthday to Boram? (Even though she's older than me) Woops I thought it was =P Anyway, yup here's to many years to come! Thanks to not only the staff for welcoming me into the family but to some of the Diadem'ers who I've had the chance to be acquainted to ^^
  6. Now this is just spectacular BUT!!! I'll leave it at these 2 words: Hyomin legs!
  7. Loving it and not just me but anyone find it cute that Boram's in the bathtub again like in Number 9? And hmm I generally like these sort of songs too. Although not hating, just saying, not too fond of the hat that Qri's wearing. Soyeon's sparkly purple dress seems to actually stick out more than the others in a bad? way? Since no one else has a sparkly outfit. Best would have to hand it to Hyomin's purple dress. Love it! Ah! Sorry, it's the dude part of me... Near the end, look at that Soyeon cleavage. =X
  8. ^Using a laptop, WIn 7 64-bit, and window-mode doesn't work for me either.
  9. I'll be updating my previous post with what I find, but most have already been posted... although I'm in the process already so some are duplicated. But yup all this feedback will help make this game awesome!
  10. Nice to see that this has finally made its debut! Pretty fun game overall and in regards to improvements definitely hoping for an "expansion pack" =P Basically just adding in more content, basically this game has so much potential in advancing towards new missions. That feature of playing Number 9 on the laptop was amazing! I guess as new songs get released, it can be switched to that Notes (This is for things to possibly fix): The opening tutorial: Either just add a Period to the end of each line or remove the one for "right click to deselect" (bottom right text) Opening Scene: Possible feature to Skip (esc) or click to skip Gameplay: (Unsure how to point these out so I'm just going to type out the Entire line if that makes things easier to search by) "Ok..." -> Suggest to either making it "Okay..." or "OK..." {Globally} "It's locked" -> Suggest adding a "!" For the Picture Frame of T-ara, possibly have the Text for each member be by the position of the girls. Notepad, when you click on the Piece of paper, suggest changing "halves" to "pieces". On that same note, when you finish, the piece of paper becomes the cursor, even after you click on the "X" {Applies to any item selected} Jiyeon's picture book: Suggest having the text be in the top left corner instead of overlapping the picture.
  11. Boram~ I really love that she's getting more lines. And not only that when she does her part, you know she's loving every moment of it! Also quite the fan of her outfit with the sports jacket.
  12. I'll agree each performance i watch is very different, but in a good way and I suppose is better than the MV although I must say the MV is pretty good as well.
  13. Or if someone can find us an awesome DVD / better source, that'd be super awesome As sadly despite this being in "1080p" just watching it you know it truely isn't ><
  14. I have some disappointing news for most of you. Diadem has subbed and released this 2 weeks ago. The thing is, we've decided to make this exclusive to Donors only. So you have to be a Donor in order to watch it. =(
  15. Ah I see it, hehe usually used to seeing that on the right side of forums. Well thanks and good to know where it is incase I access Diadem elsewhere that doesn't have it bookmarked.
  16. For future reference, where was that link? As I have my bookmark set to the New Content link {from before the theme change}, so luckily I can still use that, but just for knowledge sake, where did you find it?
  17. Dear Diadem-ers, SacredCultivator reporting in! Although I know in the past when I was first told about a possible face-lift to the site I was super excited about it. I remember I even joked in I think it was either Shoutbox or Staff Skype Room about wanting a dark-themed layout… And seems I didn’t get that but quite the opposite =P No complaints about that as it looks great, so shall just leave my brightness at lowest so I don’t sting my eyes in the morning/night when I check the site. Thank goodness for F.lux though As with the new Site Re-design, I thought I’d take the opportunity to just write up a little something something, essay =X to show my appreciation for Diadem. I registered here back in December ’12, not too long back and felt super welcomes into the community and only shortly after did I take a stab at becoming a Fansubber for Diadem and the staff was wonderful enough to accept me into their family. Became super active with their subbing ventures and continue doing so where I can help. So got to show some love towards some of the Staffers I got to become friends with, craZy, jimmy, Inkira and can’t forget Elly. Shortly after helping in the fansubbing department, we heard news of T-ara coming to the states and that’s when I had my first experience meeting some of the awesome staff of Diadem (Let’s list a few; Mark, Wilson, Meg, Tony C., and Kirby {I hope I didn’t leave anyone out}) Due to them was able to experience some things I didn’t think I’d ever get to, so huge thanks goes out to them. Hmm, yes this is starting to turn out to be more of just a thank you shout out than towards the new site redesign… but I thought if anything this was a great opportunity for me to express my appreciation =) Despite my short time here on Diadem, can’t emphasize on just how great the community is from what I’ve experienced thus far. With this fresh look, we’ve also prepared the full DVD of T-ara’s Europe trip and boy what a fun project that was to break up and release as Chapters and to finalize everything to prepare and release the Full DVD for those that prefer it in that format. Also not to mention, the release time of it was very fitting and we were able to get it completed in time for it. So I do hope that for those that haven’t seen it when we released them in chapters, to go and grab it now to watch it in its entirety. Throughout the numerous accomplishments that Diadem has done up till now, I’ll continue to support it, although perhaps not in monetary ways, definitely in providing subtitles to the fans that don’t understand Korean / Japanese as well as possibly making it out to events where my services may be needed. I may not be actively posting on the forums except for the subbing side of the forums, but I’m present on it daily. Okay this post is getting too long now, so I shall just end it with a few random shoutouts to a few others that have made my stay at Diadem super awesome. So thank you to the League of Legend-ers that have added me, which includes yogiblowski, darkbend, Elienore and Signature Envy. A few other randomers would be to Johana and Erica. So going to end this with another huge huge thanks to all those that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting / getting to know and here’s to future endeavors towards our love of T-ara / Diadem! Fighting~ {So… who actually read all that? =X}
  18. Woahs... interesting upload 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9.
  19. WIth this preview too hard for me to judge anything, so looking forward to a full mix before saying much.
  20. [color-blue]Dang we at Diadem Subs are going to be super busy with all these =)[/color]
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