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  1. All I can say from that teaser is... I don't like it at all.

    I know Hyomin's had short hair in the past, but for this one, I'm not quite liking it.

    Seems playful, to me at least, I was thinking it'd be a more sexy or even cutesy image. Although I know Jiyeon did the Sexy image so that Hyomin wouldn't be doing that as well.

    Well time to await for the full MV before I make my final judgement.

  2. Not too sure on the seriousness on your post... But Z already answered it in the 2nd post.

    It's basically just there to show how good of a Member you've been. If it's 0, you're good. As only you and the Admin and perhaps Mods can see it.

    Just dont' do anything bad and you won't have to worry about it.

  3. Loving it and not just me but anyone find it cute that Boram's in the bathtub again like in Number 9?

    And hmm I generally like these sort of songs too.

    Although not hating, just saying, not too fond of the hat that Qri's wearing.

    Soyeon's sparkly purple dress seems to actually stick out more than the others in a bad? way? Since no one else has a sparkly outfit. Best would have to hand it to Hyomin's purple dress. Love it!

    Ah! Sorry, it's the dude part of me... Near the end, look at that Soyeon cleavage. =X

  4. Nice to see that this has finally made its debut!

    Pretty fun game overall and in regards to improvements definitely hoping for an "expansion pack" =P Basically just adding in more content, basically this game has so much potential in advancing towards new missions.

    That feature of playing Number 9 on the laptop was amazing! I guess as new songs get released, it can be switched to that ^_^

    Notes (This is for things to possibly fix):

    The opening tutorial:

    Either just add a Period to the end of each line or remove the one for "right click to deselect" (bottom right text)

    Opening Scene:

    Possible feature to Skip (esc) or click to skip


    (Unsure how to point these out so I'm just going to type out the Entire line if that makes things easier to search by)

    "Ok..." -> Suggest to either making it "Okay..." or "OK..." {Globally}

    "It's locked" -> Suggest adding a "!"

    For the Picture Frame of T-ara, possibly have the Text for each member be by the position of the girls.

    Notepad, when you click on the Piece of paper, suggest changing "halves" to "pieces". On that same note, when you finish, the piece of paper becomes the cursor, even after you click on the "X" {Applies to any item selected}

    Jiyeon's picture book: Suggest having the text be in the top left corner instead of overlapping the picture.

  5. If anything I think what you're looking for is more of "Subscribing" to a Thread/Topic.

    I have it to where whenever I reply to something it will instantly subscribe me to the thread and every time someone comments I'll receive an Email about it.

    Not too sure if that might be what you're looking for. It's really helpful for the sole purpose of what you've mentioned. You are made aware that someone has commented and therefore you can easily reply back if needed.

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