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  1. Huge huge thanks goes out to joker for some of these magnificent pictures taken!
  2. Most probably not since it is a long show / and we already are backed up with other projects. Woulda been fun though since the RAW I had for it was near 7GB's and I woulda enjoyed encoding that at 60fps for awesome viewing pleasure =) - - - EDIT: Okay just as confirmation, Diadem Subs has no plans on doing this.
  3. Can't wait to watch this as I know Diadem had plans on subbing it but this saves us the trouble!
  4. Lol I assume that they did. Since honestly there was like... Less than 20 fans for sure, unless some were ninja and didn't show their excitement.
  5. It's more so at the Diadem Subbers than the Mods to decide on that. But to answer your question, I can't just yet =P Since we're actually busy with other higher priority projects at the moment. I wouldn't mind subbing it in the distant future though.
  6. For the record... it's "Beginning" and not "begining" =P And "Release" should never be spelled like that. Anyway can't wait to hear how the song will sound like.
  7. Unless you missed it, subs have been out for quite some time now =P. You can find it Here.
  8. Subs are in progress and might possibly be released within the next few hours.. just saying =P
  9. @ichigo: What makes you think Diadem's subbing this? =X =P
  10. What T-ara owns me? Nice~ Man this promotion is simply awesome~
  11. The first picture, I'll admit, I dunno if the Heart Sign from Qri was intentional or not for her pose. Second picture, just love how Boram's poised. So lovely.
  12. I'll say it has a very BPBP style to it in regards to the Neko Neko dance motion to the Bunny Ears one. I think I'm digging it since they look soooo cute~
  13. We at Diadems were discussing about it and we'll most likely work on these. So stay tuned to see if it's official or not =)
  14. That was so sad to watch >< the complete domination is so embarrassing. But at least they were able to do it. Looking forward to next years already to see if they do better.
  15. The colorful outfit looks soo much better. But definitely looking forward to its release to see how it matches up against Sexy Love which is currently my favorite.
  16. Casual wear, as it's smart to dress comfortably whenever you're doing air travel.
  17. Aww, that was great ot watch, starting to like Areum more and more each time I see her.
  18. Oh yeah... Too bad I don't know the other 2 mains >< So odds of me finding a group willing will be low. But just hope someone else picks it up near the end of the year/early next year when it's made available. Huge props to Hyomin for accomplishing this feat!
  19. Heh was going to say since in those 3 thumbnail images for the video, I was like.. I'm sure they'd SHOW T-ara if they were featured. Aw wells.
  20. Oooo definitely looking forward to hearing this as hey, wherever they make a comeback, it's a comeback and I'll be here waiting!!!
  21. So it seems some people want this subbed... so... I guess we'll sub it ^^
  22. Woahs, Hyomin~ looks amazing in this. Definitely maturing to look stunning!
  23. I have to say, Miss Lil Red Riding Hood-min looks great. Although that Raincoat-yeon is prett funny =P
  24. Woo such great news, as I'm being super hopeful for T-ara's comeback this year!
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