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  1. Is that from a photo shoot or just random? But she looks stunning in red
  2. Totally find JY's haircut cool ~ and it seems the arena was full house! looks awesome!!
  3. Haha I thought they would sexy or cute pirates not video games character ~ but it was cool. The song was quite short though....
  4. Can't wait for the full song! wonder what's the choreography is gonna be like
  5. That is super duper awesome!! next I'll send one too =)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8fR7kVRAlc8 I got it from my history browser so I can't remember the website on which I got the link sorry. Last time I checked it was still working though I noticed that Sso's face is a bit different. Like I know people grow old and so their features change as well but she looked really different in this MV compare to this month's performance in Japan . Could it be the make-up? or camera angle or is it just me..
  7. I find the concept funny well I found it more interesting than rabbits...
  8. Great acting skills from Jiyeon . That said, I don't really support the ending although I suppose to make it so to make the video more dramatic... Anyway it would have been great if there was Davichi too ^^ Maybe there could be another collab/project between Davichi and other members of T-ara again (hopefully)
  9. Go QBS!! It seems they are quite popular in Japan
  10. Agree Niconico is doing an awesome job! It's wonderful that the older unnies get to shine
  11. that's so cute!! lovely cake! Happy 21st birthday JY!
  12. Please don't..just don't --' I'm usu. not so biased on appearances but for once I disagree with this collab. I just feel that CB's musical main audience is just different from N4's one and if you want to be appreciated for your music just chose someone else. Of course there are people who appreciate both artists but I don't think there are many. Anyway that's just my opinion. Hopefully, this meeting was just some one time event/collab whatever you qualify it!
  13. Their PS was funny. Wonder when the pictorial would be released or has it?
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