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  1. I thought I lost my account forever T_T

  2. nevoh evooo ~ TuT

  3. WHY IT HAS TO BE THAT SHORT!? lols. I was... /what to say??? / Yea yea... I was carried by that breathing tho T_____T omo... I think I could only say thats HOT.. what more if the full mv is released? oh my.
  4. I've been a member here since Nov 2012 but in different account tho.. I cant open my first account here

  5. By the time I come back here, I expect jinx eng sub would be finished and many fanfic updates :D BYE~

  6. NO CREDIT CARD. still poor kid :D

  7. what the hell my eyes hurt :'(

  8. I also think they are referring to Jiyeon here.. I mean ... the infos are almost parallel to Jiyeon's upcoming solo debut. Its fine, anyway the changes wouldn't be a problem for me as long as they are doing it for the sake of the Sewol Ferry incident. Praying for South Korea and hoping everything goes well. Still anticipating for our maknae's solo debut
  9. I just hate turtle net -_-

  10. CUTE at the same time SEXY.. that's our JIYEON <3 cant wait for our Dino.. Let's support her
  11. interesting ! looking forward for the two .... but if I were to give my part, Jiyeon should be on Acting career but then still support her though and ofcourse I will be always supporting the two especially Hyomin
  12. I've just watched the First Love MV a while ago.. ohhh gawd EB IS A GOOD RAPPER and the song is relaxing to hear (and the tune reminds me of Cry Cry .. dunwuri i gues its just me ) and wait, she has a twitter? Daebak!~ T-ARA fyting, EB fyting
  13. Wooahh.. President of the Elementary School Students- Jiyeon Park. Should I call you Pres Dino from now on? aigooo~ <3 Well... pres dino deserves that award... if you could just imagine how cute and playful our Dino is .. hwahahahah~ this makes me proud to our Dino even more .....
  14. as always .. the Tom and Jerry couple :D so cute ... those two look like a doll <3 SsoRam fyting! Glad Boram is back on twitter
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