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  1. Is she the only member to come back on Twitter? I hope the other girls follow suit...
  2. Those bags under Boram's eyes... I hope shes getting enough sleep.
  3. abct

    [13.10.15] T-ara,

    Boram: It would be great if someone could like me, but there isn’t (laughs). I really want to date. I think out of all of us I’m the one who wants to date the most. POOR BORAM!! She's 27 and feels like no one likes her? So sad!
  4. I'm so glad they are past this debacle. I knew nothing good would come out of coming to America and trying to connect with Chris brown of all people.
  5. Jieyeon makes lying on a bed of legos look sexy. But then again, she could make doing anything look sexy.
  6. Is she cold? Shes wearing a really heavy jacket! The recording room must be freezing!
  7. Hard working as usual! But she looks really tired, and there seems to be bags under her eyes.
  8. Was she performing? She looks really beautiful here.
  9. Wow, these look amazing. So colorful and vivid, its like a dream world with these girls...
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