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  1. E poi guardi fuori dalle finestre e vedi la nebbia di Beijing e senti la temperatura del Polo Nord. Sempre sul pezzo.

  2. RT @JuliaGoldmine: Quando c'erano da fare le unioni civili l'Italia aveva "altre priorità", ora la prima cosa che vi viene in mente di fare…

  3. RT @squidslippers: people say "you're as dumb as a rock" as if rocks were dumb but i've never seen a rock eat a tide pod or sexually assaul…

  4. RT @Agnes_Medea: Me: Hey Spotify, can I make a playlist? Spotify: You better not play trash Me: https://t.co/b6my30p9jp

  5. RT @boygeoisie: [two people go home together in a movie] me as a 17yo: omg ! do u think they're gonna sex ??!?? me as a 22yo: wow that ap…

  6. RT @Ieansquad: I hate Facebook bruh lmaooooo https://t.co/8rO0uNBeIs

  7. RT @_Leomet: Vi ricordo che TUTTE le persone con la stessa capacità di ragionamento di MeliP sono STUPIDE https://t.co/bclHJIZEzs

  8. RT @netflix: oh no she betta don't https://t.co/XelWTcoqDp

  9. there was the sudden revelation I was bisexual the other night, and those guys were like "but do you like breasts a… https://t.co/PIJ4DzcBgO

  10. RT @chrissyteigen: You just listed 3 jobs. You want me to have more than 3 jobs? https://t.co/wBvcylMKRg

  11. @MariaGaiaTps Grazie M. ?

  12. RT @unpleasantbabe: Searching for the right meme/gif to send in your group chat before somebody else says something and the subject changes…

  13. RT @MillenPolitics: 2017: When a fictional president is held to a higher standard than the actual President. https://t.co/1u6qTLQhNw

  14. RT @crissles: you can clearly hear another dude say "not on camera" ? black women gon die waiting on black men to actually give a xxxx abou…

  15. E quando dici loro che, diocaro, è solo per prenotazioni guide, loro si ripresentano sempre ogni tot.

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