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  1. Take care my angel hyomin. Don't forget to eat proper meal and keep ur health in japan )
  2. Woww, they are looks so cool~^^ pretty and gergeous of course! I miss them comeback to twitter :') T-ARA fighting!!! Saranghae~~
  3. Good they've apologized, I hope this incident will not happen again to Eunjung or to T-ara members. T-ara figthing!!! We're Diadem will always support you all~
  4. ahh, I'm proud to Hyomin. This may be the start of her acting debut. good luck with your new movie Hyomin~ fighting!^^
  5. I hope netizens stop make rumors about T-ARA. I can't wait for T-ARA comeback >< T-ARA, SPEED, THE SEEYA, 5dolls fighting!^^
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