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  1. T-ara, whatever happens, I'll support you forever.

  2. A new adventure is just begun and we will be here to support with all the force. This will be a success for sure. T-ara n4 fighting!!!
  3. T-ara will disband soon they said... Accept the fact they said...LOL Congratulation to my queens, I hope this can be a new beginning to reach the top again.
  4. Bunnies,bunnies everywhere

  5. I hope the movie will be a success. I'm sure you'll do very good Hyomin, i´m so proud of you . fighting!!!
  6. I think I can´t stand such beauty. I leave this topic. They look so cute and delicate, I love it
  7. ¿Se nota mucho que no hablo inglés? XD.

  8. as beautiful as ever , she looks happy and nervous, hope she does very well. I so happy for see her back to TV .
  9. Glad to see them slowly go back to the screen. Good luck Eunjung Fighting.
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