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  1. RT @dia_official: 헿 정말 짧은 시간이였지만 재밌었어용!!! 헿헿헿헿 여러분 금방 또 만나요>_< 항상 감사드립니다??? 오늘하루도 모두들 고생많았어요 잘자요굿밤????#채연

  2. RT @Jaster18: If T-ARA leaves MBK and they has to change their name, they should use TIARA instead and there is no problem LOL!

  3. RT @tarasnaps: [SOYEON INSTAGRAM] melodysoyani: ?? https://t.co/Yw8DW8xKg1 #kpopsnaps https://t.co/MPPJO0CdDg

  4. For sell https://t.co/pYozOBSGtc

  5. RT @DIA_intl: [IG] 170804 hillsideboxing #DIA #다이아 #Jueun #주은 #Yebin #예빈 https://t.co/fvPmjDwQMU

  6. RT @mnhent_01: 6월 쇼케이스 부터 7월 막방까지 열심히 달린 #청하 ! 팬사인회까지 마치고 쁘잇✌? #CHUNGHA #HandsOnMe #WhyDontYouKnow #세젤귀 #인디언소녀 https://t.co/sFAGgflcvl

  7. RT @jijijiyeonnie: Bring her back to The Show!!! https://t.co/T5mhuDxWf3

  8. Teros lek aku ganok gunae lapo nde suruh kerjo

  9. RT @Kekeru88: @eunyeon_adik Yeah, but not this year I guess hopefully next year when they are together again

  10. RT @manuriosfdez: ✧:* (◡‿◡) *:✧ https://t.co/C4JcxXFFNW

  11. RT @DIA_intl: [INFO] 170413 Shannon will be the MC for #DIA #다이아 comeback showcase! https://t.co/gHhgX2VoUB https://t.co/BkEQp2BLVz

  12. RT @ThisOldGuitar1: Gaon 2016 the 11st Social Chart (2017.03.12-03.18) T-ara again up #30 Tiamo (?9) #38 No.9 (?15) #58 Sugar Free Big Room…

  13. RT @ThisOldGuitar1: T-ara still on 2017 Gaon Social Chart? 9th Week Rank (2017.02.26-03,04) #23 Tiamo #33 No.9 #52 Sugar Free Big Room V…

  14. RT @oniontaker: If this is not in your list of essential K-Pop music albums, I don't value your opinion on K-Pop. https://t.co/f4xwhUoHdt

  15. RT @SM_NCT: [INFO] 170202 Notice from SM Entertainment regarding JAEMIN's condition. Translated by @maknaejeu - SM_NCT https://t.co/vEI2gs…

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