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  1. PandaRK

    [FANTAKEN] Jiyeon Alighted from cruise in Singapore (06/12)

    Why is Jiyeon is Singapore when I'm not in Singapore. My luck with T-ara is so bad.
  2. PandaRK

    [FANTAKEN] T-ara at Changi airport in Singapore (03/29)

    Ah thanks, should have been there yesterday, tomorrow i got lesson so can't be there. Seem like I'm still gonna be a t-ara virgin
  3. PandaRK

    [FANTAKEN] T-ara at Changi airport in Singapore (03/29)

    I didn't even know they going to passby Singapore, should have predicted it. Miss my chance. What time did they reach and can I know when will they be leaving?
  4. PandaRK

    [PRESS] Jiyeon at SBS MTV THE SHOW Sharing Concert (08/23)

    Is that really jiyeon, holy.... The hair... She look so different and mature...
  5. PandaRK

    [TWITTER] Qri's Twitter Update (06/06)

    [TRANS] Wishing the weather would be nice tomorrow as well♡ credit: @_transbot
  6. PandaRK

    [TWITTER] Boram's Twitter Update (05/19)

    [TRANS] 4 books that I stumbled on as I went to Kyobo Book Center since I’ve been feeling uneasy lately. When I started reading the first book the feeling lasted for the whole day..Today I took a seat and read two books. My legs hurt a little but I didn’t even notice that and just enjoyed it a lot. credit: @_transbot
  7. PandaRK

    [TWITTER] Qri's Twitter Update (05/13)

    [TRANS] What should I eat..•_• credit: @_transbot
  8. PandaRK

    [IG] Boram's Instagram Update (05/12)

    [TRANS] you get annoyed and then do what ~~ eiei_ [T/N: famous line] credit: @_transbot
  9. PandaRK

    [TWITTER] Boram's Twitter Update (05/12)

    [TRANS] Hello reuhehe~ be happy-♡ I like so much like it so muchhhh credit: @_transbot
  10. PandaRK

    [TWITTER] Boram's Twitter Update (05/10)

    [TRANS] As I was scribbling just like that….at the end…it turned out as “Sweet&Sour pork with rice”.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ chop!! credits: @_transbot
  11. PandaRK

    [IG] Eunjung Instagram Updates (01/20)

    I should be there with all my fellow pandas. Come take a picture with me too...
  12. [13.08.14] Radio - T-ara interview on Tre-sen News(Eng Sub) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x133fyf Chinese to English Translation **** Chinese Sub Credit: Baidu Tiara Bar @Serinn Chang Apologies for any mistranslation. Ps. They playing target during the first part, voice will be heard from 2:40 onward
  13. PandaRK

    Layout #10: Prism

    Jiyeon and Hyomin on our new layout:
  14. PandaRK

    Layout #10: Prism

    Wow, exciting. When will it be officially updated? Edit: Lol I just refresh. Got boram first, woot.
  15. [13.08.13] Video - T-ara interview on M-Time(Eng Sub) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x12z9vo Chinese to English Translation **** Chinese Sub Credit: Baidu Tiara Bar @Serinn Chang Apologies for any mistranslation.
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