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  1. Why is Jiyeon is Singapore when I'm not in Singapore. My luck with T-ara is so bad.
  2. Ah thanks, should have been there yesterday, tomorrow i got lesson so can't be there. Seem like I'm still gonna be a t-ara virgin
  3. I didn't even know they going to passby Singapore, should have predicted it. Miss my chance. What time did they reach and can I know when will they be leaving?
  4. Is that really jiyeon, holy.... The hair... She look so different and mature...
  5. [TRANS] Wishing the weather would be nice tomorrow as well♡ credit: @_transbot
  6. [TRANS] 4 books that I stumbled on as I went to Kyobo Book Center since I’ve been feeling uneasy lately. When I started reading the first book the feeling lasted for the whole day..Today I took a seat and read two books. My legs hurt a little but I didn’t even notice that and just enjoyed it a lot. credit: @_transbot
  7. [TRANS] What should I eat..•_• credit: @_transbot
  8. [TRANS] you get annoyed and then do what ~~ eiei_ [T/N: famous line] credit: @_transbot
  9. [TRANS] Hello reuhehe~ be happy-♡ I like so much like it so muchhhh credit: @_transbot
  10. [TRANS] As I was scribbling just like that….at the end…it turned out as “Sweet&Sour pork with rice”.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ chop!! credits: @_transbot
  11. I should be there with all my fellow pandas. Come take a picture with me too...
  12. [13.08.14] Radio - T-ara interview on Tre-sen News(Eng Sub) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x133fyf Chinese to English Translation **** Chinese Sub Credit: Baidu Tiara Bar @Serinn Chang Apologies for any mistranslation. Ps. They playing target during the first part, voice will be heard from 2:40 onward
  13. Jiyeon and Hyomin on our new layout:
  14. Wow, exciting. When will it be officially updated? Edit: Lol I just refresh. Got boram first, woot.
  15. [13.08.13] Video - T-ara interview on M-Time(Eng Sub) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x12z9vo Chinese to English Translation **** Chinese Sub Credit: Baidu Tiara Bar @Serinn Chang Apologies for any mistranslation.
  16. This is the result of leader Qri? Their airport fashion seem to go up. Eunjung's left ankle seem to be swollen, hope she can recover before tomorrow performance, if not hope she don't dance much and take care.
  17. Eunjung smile.. so alluring... mesmerizing... OMG I love this concept!!!
  18. http://youtu.be/mjI01ychvcI This is a chinese to english sub. Chinese sub credits: taraadorable.blogspot.tw ​Apologies for any mistranslation.
  19. Thank for all the picture. Wonder why jiyeon went there later.
  20. Sorry but is there any close up one jiyeon, it was clear 6 people on the stage and we haven't seen jiyeon before this. Rumor said that she had a haircut, I want to see it, anyone please.
  21. This is actually their 2nd Jap Album, not 'Target' singles. The songs list is below: 1. Sexy Love (Japanese Ver.) 2. Day by Day (Japanese Ver.) 3. Bye By (Japanese Ver.) 4. Like The First Time (Japanese Ver.) 5. Bunny Style! 6. Signs (Soyeon & Areum) 7. Soap Bubbles (Boram & Qri) 8. Dangerous Love (Eujung, Hyomin & Jiyeon) 9. Target 10. Wanna Play (Japanese Ver.) 11. Deja-vu 12. Beautiful Sniper 13. キミは僕の宝物 (You Are My Treassure) ~ Happy Birthday to you ~ Some of it is new song too.
  22. Cool! Hope there will be a dance version, even if the dance version is the anime t-ara dance(not the small, chibi version) it will also be cool.
  23. Wow!! anticipating the dance. I hope they do something about the music, i feel it louder than their voice, i want to hear their voice clearer.
  24. Really missing watching their performance this past few days. Really good performance, waiting patiently for Target release.
  25. Woah!! Pirates, Yay One Piece, The Jolly Roger(Skull), half a side look evil, badass and the other half blinking/winking. Cool!!! T-Ara Fighting!!!
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