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  1. [TRANS] 4 books that I stumbled on as I went to Kyobo Book Center since I’ve been feeling uneasy lately. When I started reading the first book the feeling lasted for the whole day..Today I took a seat and read two books. My legs hurt a little but I didn’t even notice that and just enjoyed it a lot.

    credit: @_transbot

  2. Let say you have a chance to be in a room for all members of T-ara for an hour or so. There will be no media coverage and everything said will be just within the room.

    Imagine you can communicated with t-ara with ease, have a heart to heart conversation with them and they will answer any question as truthfully as they can. What will you ask about or talk to them about?

    For me, I have a question that I will definitely ask Soyeon.

    "If she have any, even if it very small, regrets that she gave up a chance to be in SNSD and even maybe a chance of becoming the leader, leaving SM and came to CCM to form T-ara. If there is, how much a regrets is that?"

    I know she had talk about this here and there, but I really would like to know that deep in her heart, is there a regrets even if it very little.

    What's your dying question for them?

  3. So as someone pointed out, DVD of Daily T-ara Directors Cut won't have English subtitles, correct? :( If so Pearl Edition is for me, still 20£ for a CD that has maybe 2 or 3 songs that I would really like to hear... r i p o f f

    This is actually their 2nd Jap Album, not 'Target' singles.

    The songs list is below:

    1. Sexy Love (Japanese Ver.)

    2. Day by Day (Japanese Ver.)

    3. Bye By (Japanese Ver.)

    4. Like The First Time (Japanese Ver.)

    5. Bunny Style!

    6. Signs (Soyeon & Areum)

    7. Soap Bubbles (Boram & Qri)

    8. Dangerous Love (Eujung, Hyomin & Jiyeon)

    9. Target

    10. Wanna Play (Japanese Ver.)

    11. Deja-vu

    12. Beautiful Sniper

    13. キミは僕の宝物 (You Are My Treassure) ~ Happy Birthday to you ~

    Some of it is new song too.

  4. There had been a lot of question about bias in T-Ara. I want to ask which is your favorite couples in T-Ara.

    Hope there are some description on any couple you listed.

    My bias is Boram and this are my top three favorite couples.

    1. Tom & Jerry(Soyeon & Boram)

    - I just like the ways that Soyeon take care of her older sister, Boram. Throughout the series of 'Hello Baby' to the lastest of 'Daily T-Ara - QBS', it just feel so good.

    2. The Physical Couple(Jiyeon & Boram)

    - Whenever this two are together, spark flies. Boram just can't handle Jiyeon, no matter in strength or her ageyo.

    3. The Unnies(Qri & Boram)

    - Although they are the same age, they are two totally different personality. Qri is the elegant princess and Boram is the hyperactive kid, because of this, I feel they matches each other perfectly. I like the way Qri like to tease Boram.(She teases everyone, sometime even the cameraman)

    Which is your top three and why you love them. T-Ara Fighting!!!!

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