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  1. Nice song, nice MV, Jiyeon acting is so good. This song and MV give me goosebumps when watching. Although the lyrics talk about breakup, but the MV feel like her lover actually died and trying to feel that he is still around.
  2. Qri is so brave, I would have run like a little girl if someone holding a live grasshopper coming at me. They finally promoting their individual song from bunny style, hope the other will also promote their during the target single. Can't wait for boram sexy dance, I think is her individual song at bunny style. Can't wait for tomorrow.
  3. They are so so pretty, I bet the mv will be damn pretty too. Boram with her hair tie up look so fermine and mature.
  4. T-ARA N4 will release AMERICAN VERSION of "전원일기" FEATURING Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Ray J,etc !!!!!!!!!!! There will have 5 VERSION of "전원일기" featuring best hip-hop and rap artist from America will released in June. The song will sing in English. The rap part ‘전원일기’ will be changed to English in 5 English different version feature: SPEED Taewon, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Ray J, T-Pain. [Confirm] T-ARA N4 will departure to Las Vegas, USA on May 25th to attend the opening stage of Chris Brown's concert. Chris Brown will sing the rap part of '전원일기’ in English at his concert in the United States. T-ARA N4 also join with him !!! T-ARA N4 gonna release the special version of ‘전원일기’ on worldwide. They plan to release an album in United States in June. Core Contends Media revealed, "QBS will shooting for MV next week and T-ara album will come out after that." T-ARA N4 also been invited to BET Awards (Black Entertainment Television Awards) along with Chris Brown stand together on the red carpet. The first teaser of ‘전원일기’ will be released at Chris Brown concert in USA. T-ARA N4 will sing in English feature Chris Brown rap. T-ARA N4 ‘전원일기’ ft Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain and Ray-J. Epic~!!! CCM mentioned about bring all T-ara members to USA after the sub-unit promote finished... maybe late May to mid June. Cr @taratamakaseru
  5. Areum's hairstyle is cute, I think next week is the goodbye stage for them, so sad. Tara Fighting!!
  6. Wow, super excited. I actually laugh at the name, QBS? another Broadcasting Station? LOL... Waiting Patiently...
  7. The scream and cheer are daebak, especially one or a few screaming throughout the performance.
  8. Whether this is good or bad, only time will tell. Let not forget, no matter how bad CCM/KKS is in handle PR or issue, they are still the one who brought T-Ara from a rookie to where they are now, without them there may not even have this 7 girls coming together. Rather than using my brain to judge whether this is the right move from CCM/KKS, I would use all my focus to supporting T-Ara. Hope that this come out good, even if it not, I'm prepare to stand by T-Ara even if it against the world.
  9. It was a live show, to see them at the interview and ending cut mean they perform live on the show. It great to see them perform live stage(Sexy Love promotion is all pre-recorded) N4 gentleman dance daebak!!
  10. Haha, the ending they say t-ara and forgot the n4.
  11. Some cute backstage cuts: They look so happy, haha.
  12. Look like they having fun in making the mv, great to see.
  13. This song is freaking nice too http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tW00zZtZubI Can't wait for their live performance. Two more days to Show Champion!!
  14. If I'm not wrong, their first stage will be at Show Champion, so EXCITED!!!
  15. The drama teaser is really, really awesome. Can't wait for it.
  16. TN4 interview They also talk abit about Boram, Qri and Soyeon Japan Sub Unit
  17. There is news for Boram, Qri and Soyeon. "T-ara Japanese sub-unit (Boram-Qri-Soyeon) activities are ready prepared. Debut day will be announce soon."
  18. I heard that there will be guest artist appearance, wonder who would it be. EXCITED!!! There are some photos for the mv here: http://www.t-araworld.net/2013/04/t-ara-n4-mv-filming-pictures.html Be prepare for Eunjung fans.
  19. T-Ara Fighting!!! Hope they have a good performance in Thailand. Wonder will they be performing Bunisuta there?
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