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  1. #Sorteio1G https://t.co/pXt58P8oBc

  2. RT @itsflop: que foto HISTÓRICA meus amigos, QUE FOTO! #eusoulula https://t.co/WWh8JoVTg8

  3. RT @memhaia: I'm not crying. No, I'm not crying.... Aaah... #마더 https://t.co/JYLgWpS23g

  4. RT @itsakyo: #TaeyeonSpecialLiveDay2 I laughed when 태 was like "Sit down. Sit down." after 서 jokingly stood up cos she's not in SM anymore…

  5. RT @misstaeri: i love sones https://t.co/1srUDGmdca

  6. Please help support Holiday Night, add a #Twibbon now! https://t.co/ghFoFhim21

  7. T-ARA 티아라 "TIAMO" 띠아모 MUSIC VIDEO https://t.co/h3ZFGYZHqj via @YouTube

  8. RT @qridoesntcare: It's not really funny anymore. Where the xxxx is T-ara?

  9. RT @miracleofsound: Opposing an enforced dress code for women by enforcing another dress code for women doesn't really make sense to me, Fr…

  10. RT @yulslayed: https://t.co/PaQU2r0vpQ

  11. RT @dorkyuri: #탚snap betraying boo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ https://t.co/msoBsJ6INn

  12. @yulslayed I read this one few days ago https://t.co/XyvuiLlrSc I liked it. it left me wanting more

  13. [MV] Unnies(언니쓰) _ Shut Up (feat.You Hee Yeol(유희열)) https://t.co/aI5x3X2rrH via @YouTube

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