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  1. Its updated chapter 3 



    1. jmae


      Oh really ok ill.check hahha

  2. oh ham my ham so damn cool on red in a dim light lol
  3. lol so this new ceo is really gonna focus t-ara in china ...oh heo but really hope they do a full blown promotion not like what they did last year
  4. ohhh our girls really matured alot..the way they answers any interview now u can see how close they were on each other ...6-ara fighting by the way this really make my day hehhe my eunyeon feels heheh Q: Recently, any updates on individual or anything that caught your interests? Jiyeon: Hyomin and I are preparing for our solo activities in Korea. I am working hard for it and everyone will be able to see my individual style during the solo. Although the stress is more than the fun. Eunjung: We have high hopes for you. (laughs)
  5. waaaaaa myyy eunjung is back on the field she really love...she deserve the movie and no wonder she's not included on those who will debut solo becoz of this movie and gezzz with jangwoo I miss there chemistry I knew it they will really work together again heol~~~ Thank Gof for this blessing for ham I hope there's more coming
  6. I really love boram unnie such a humble one ..this is interview proves a mature and humble boram we queens love
  7. hello hello i'm done on the downloading only those vid i downloaded were available on my hard drive hope these project well be finished as soon as possible hoping for the best guy's ;-)
  8. just wanna asked am i doing it correctly mAm? haha i just upload and post it there and i am not sure if its right what i'm doing.. i wanna help more but really have to go to work in an hour is it ok if i'll continue download those vid i'm on work maybe later after work? hehe
  9. mega really sucks so i used mediafre haha
  10. just wanna asked is it really like this on mega the link when you take it it's takes to long ?
  11. as for now i'm not yet finished transferring my file to mega so maybe the prob is there site heheh
  12. as far i know about mega once the first vid u upload not done the next vid well be queued
  13. hello i'll help also so add me up but wait just wanna asked so i'll make an account on mega 1st and then upload the vids there and give my account here in diadem?
  14. omo eunjung and boram unnie so happy to see you both looks so happy
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