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  1. hahaha she actually wrote a fan's chinese name xD she's just so lovable T_T
  2. Would prefer it if she wore a longer pants *cough*. But this pic is really cute
  3. Yay! for the teaser photo and the solo debut! Boo for losing weight T_T JIYEON U NEED TO EAT MOARRRR
  4. Grade nine starting in 1 hour lol. This sucks

  5. Today stats: 2 followers, No unfollowers via http://t.co/3WPy9bdeMI

  6. Well just got off from my last day of work. Probably gonna miss those pretty coworkers alot. Wishing you guys happy new year and stay happy

  7. Gawd i wanna go back to 2013 TT

  8. When kids do normal stuffs online

    ''At least he isn't twerking''

    Wudddd ._.

  9. Why am I feeling so down tonight

  10. Some mv have some weird logic

  11. Today stats: No new followers, One unfollower via http://t.co/3WPy9bdeMI

  12. Shall sleep now x_x

  13. But they are so xxxxing expensive

  14. If a girl come up to you and offers you a kiss on the... — depends if she's pretty or not. but if she's pretty, ... http://t.co/Tosr5beLFy

  15. She's alone. Should I go or should I not go x_x

  16. Feeling guilty for all the small shits I've done...

  17. it says kpop fan store...

    no T-ara

    no G.Na

    no hello venus

    no GsD

    no Chocolat


  18. Gawd I should sleep x_x good night to whoever reading this

  19. Sitting here alone in the night

  20. I used to thought you were a guy until u started acting like a xxxx

  21. Gonna sleep now x_x countdown to T-ara's comeback!

  22. So you're just gonna ignore me like that. xxxx you too

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