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  1. they're so gorgeous.. I can't wait for it to be released..
  2. great game.. very cute.. I wish it was longer.. ^^ hehehe.. suggestion: could you make this with everyone's POV.. but different adventures.. I know it takes a long time to make because I'm a programmer also..
  3. Hyomin's really beautiful.. ^^ she looks like an agent there..
  4. wow.. the cover is great.. does anyone knows when it will be released?
  5. It's sad how T-ara N4 weren't informed about what will happen to them.. It's like they are just KKS' toys
  6. T-ara is the best.. even when they faced criticism, they remained calm.. T-ara is back with just being themselves.. and performs for us.. the ones who still believes in them.. even if T-ara has a problem.. we are here to always support them.. Hwaiting!
  7. Areum Noona Hwaiting! all of the Queens' are supporting you..
  8. T-ara is the best.. they are really the Queens of Kpop..
  9. all of the members are beautiful and looks so fierce..
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