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  1. RT @TuitEnBlanco: Frida ya ha localizado a más de 50 personas. #FuerzaMéxico https://t.co/e63cR7kZox

  2. RT @froynextdoor: crushes teach you the hard way how to stop chasing after people who don't like u as much as u like them

  3. @andrevalesca10 https://t.co/pIevVKAds4

  4. RT @MaraWilson: "Oh my god I LOVE this song" -Me, listening to a Favorite Songs playlist I made

  5. @messier_esc PS: Look @AuthorJexLane, you make us all suffer xD.

  6. @SofiaMGuzmanA No las he visto ?.

  7. @SofMLBW @IsAlexDreamer YESSS. Tienes que leerlo, es un libro muy hermoso y oscuro a la vez.

  8. @nathalieereyna HEYYYY, ¡felicidades otra vez :D! Ya nos veremos luego para la foto.

  9. RT @dog_rates: This is Jamesy. He gives a kiss to every other pupper he sees on his walk. 13/10 such passion, much tender https://t.co/wk7T…

  10. @MariaJoseRoja15 Owww <3.

  11. Alaska appreciation post. Amo a mi perrita. ?? https://t.co/agS5jaRAAO

  12. RT @colesprouse: "Millennials," the old man scoffed, throwing his cigarette butt into the community park.

  13. @drunkenfix pasa muy seguido... https://t.co/DpXdqm1mOd

  14. RT @lucialorena2: RETO: PICTIONARY LITERARIO ft. @g_vanille y @AndieeRmz https://t.co/pE0s9a9DyU https://t.co/528g84OOfk

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