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  1. 明天是你考试的最后一天, 加油!!!

  2. #4YearWithGot7 https://t.co/BXi7giWEna

  3. #ChicAndSexyJBDay https://t.co/smNIYIL3ps

  4. these 3 days had so much fun with you.

  5. 今天看到浩仁非常兴奋和开心 #朱浩仁

  6. 昨天是非常开心的一天?????

  7. 已经两个礼拜没有见到你,❤里莫名的寂寞??

  8. 突然很想你陪在我身边

  9. why I will be sick almost in every month?????

  10. spending a night time with you. #manni'shouse

  11. I'm so happy that spend a great afternoon with you and glad to sit your motor ????????好幸福??

  12. 昨天和今天都有你的陪伴, 我觉得好幸福额~~~?????

  13. 是不是两个星期没有见到你所以我开始有相思病了。

  14. https://t.co/WEcspbou0w

  15. people working like hell, u just playing around like nobody will care u in office???

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