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  1. RT @park_soyeon_piC: ? QBS ? https://t.co/DlnbAmGPth

  2. RT @dkpopnews: Is there any Jiyeon fan here? #tara #kpop #jiyeon https://t.co/y1K9yCFFwh https://t.co/iKVfDCqDHI

  3. RT @negredo89: [NAVER] T-ARA lawyer "The rumour about T-ARA has divide opinion not true.. I'll represent them to for trademark dispute htt…

  4. RT @allfor_jeonghwa: ????? #hajung #이엑스아이디 #EXID #hani #하니 #jeonghwa #정화 @EXIDofficial https://t.co/LhmnEFvsZp

  5. @pearly_soyeon 不知道在执着什么


  7. RT @cqueens_doubizu: Shhhhhhh.... secret! u know what? So surprise, #soyeon is secretly running a beauty studio in Hong Kong.??? 韓式素妍工作室=So…

  8. RT @soompi: Happy Birthday to #T_ARA's Qri! #HappyQriDay! ? Catch up with her: https://t.co/KT3wriLHVQ https://t.co/xNxx6W6bJu

  9. RT @Cpt_Fantasy_nn: Some are anxious because its December but T-ARA needs to leave MBK and I'm not upset about it because the sooner T-ARA…

  10. RT @SONGdotcom: 2018 SD ? ??https://t.co/9ANvHn7u1B ??https://t.co/dVn2CGFIwG ??https://t.co/8sIFI41I5p ??https://…

  11. RT @t_ara_dotcom: 2017 Qri birthday support Duration:11/15~12/3 https://t.co/Qf3sptXC1x https://t.co/76TCNV8EMg

  12. RT @cqueens_doubizu: #TARA #MAMA2017 好吧。不得不承認。我們困死機器人似乎沒有訓練過如何應對“一國兩智”的嚴重問題。所以還是休息一下然後繼續投票吧。?? https://t.co/HGHM6qrPwy

  13. RT @Kpop_Polling: Fav 2nd Gen idol group (part 5)

  14. 1. JIYEON 3. HYOMIN 4. SOYEON https://t.co/Cllp0HwKvJ

  15. RT @soka_Queens: Boram Qri and Hyomin's names will also fly to mars https://t.co/VGNqzjumaH

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