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  1. I love the concept for this. They all look amazing. The pictures look great aswell. Thanks for sharing these.
  2. Very adorable. She looks really good here. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. I want it. No matter who's calandar I get it would amazing. Thanks for sharing these.
  4. She looks so cute in that photo. Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to see more.
  5. Hyomin looks great in sunglasses. Love the outfit. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. They all look great however it kinda looks like Boram's just a cutout here.
  7. So Jiyeon did cut her hair. Doesn't bother me, I liked Jiyeon with short hair. Pictures look good and there's random mario in the crowd.
  8. Hyomin looking great as usual. They look like their good friends in this photo. Thanks for sharing this.
  9. So adorable. They looks so cute together like this. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. Eunjung looks really pretty here. Always trying to keep a smile on her face. Thanks for sharing this.
  11. Thanks for sharing these. Feels strange to see group photo's like this knowing that it's back to 6 members.
  12. Aww, no Jiyeon. They all look good though. Eunjung's hat makes her look so cute.
  13. Thanks for uploading these. It's interesting to hear that Qri is the new leader.
  14. EunJung looks pretty good here. Looks like she is having fun. Thanks for sharing this.
  15. Thanks for sharing this with us. They all look amazing and look really good in these.
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