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  1. I'm loving all the songs in this mini-album. ^_^


    T-ara is primarily a dance group but when they do ballads, they rival all of the "vocal" groups out there. They truly are chameleons of the K-pop world, there's no concept or songs style that they can't tackle. :D


    This new ballad, Reason Why We Broke Up (not sure if the translation is accurate :P), really shows how much improvement each members had.  JiYeon, Boram and Q-Ri sounded amazing.  HyoMin slayed as usual, EunJung (my ultimate bias...who also played the harmonica B)) floored me with her angelic voice and SoYeon put to rest all of the doubters and demonstrated why she is the Main Vocals of T-ara. :D


    Can't wait for the MV for So Crazy to be released, I'm really hoping they could somehow release an MV for their second song " For You" and they should really do a dual promotion with either of these song with So Crazy...they're simply too good to not be performed during their comeback. :)


    T-ARA Fighting!!!

  2. Thank you to all the Queen's that have voted and supported our girls. They work so hard, they really need to be recognized for their great work.  Glad to see that Queen's have been working hard as well to clinch first place for our girls.  Fighting!!! :D


    Let's not forget about the Billboard Fan Army Face-Off.  http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket/

    T-ara is winning their bracket and has the overall lead but let's not take off our foot off the pedal and keep voting.   :)

  3. This is wonderful news. I'm so happy for EunJung and all of our girls, acting has always been a passion for her and for all of the members. This will surely open other opportunities down the road.

    I'm looking forward to this role, it seems to be a mature/grown up role so this will allow Eunjung to show a more feminine image, which also helps further push the image she presented during her solo.

    This will be a very busy few months for Eunjung and the members, I hope that they are always eating well and resting well.

  4. Saleng,

    Thank you for your well thought out comment. I agree with you, T-ARA is getting a lot of love from the international fans but I think like everyone of us, the love of their home country would mean so much more to them. This won't be easy but with the support from all of us, we can show that our girls are still a dominating force in K-pop.

    The scandal is part of their history and it's inevitable this will be brought up again and again but as shown in their past interviews, they have chosen not to cower away from those questions. Despite not being the Leader in title, Eun Jung has been the heart of the group and always remained as the emotional leader of T-ARA.It seems fitting in a way that she takes on the responsibility to answer these questions because she's not only very astute as a public figure but she's also very savvy and thoughtful as an interviewee.

    As a fan of T-ARA, and specially a fan of Eun Jung, I can't wait for her solo debut. I'm hoping she's having fun during all this and wish her a wonderful debut. Eun Jung fighting! T-ARA fighting!

  5. So proud of our girls! These awards were well deserved and I'm glad they were finally again recognized for their hard work and talent.

    This for me proved three things to non T-ARA fans:

    1) Their talent is undeniable, haters can bring up the scandal for their reason to dislike T-ARA but they can't dispute their hard work, the quality of their songs or their determination.

    2) T-ARA just cranks out good music. 127 million views for Number 9 is proof enough of that fact.

    3) Queen's will always support our girls. What we lack in numbers, we make up in passion and dedication to T-ARA.

    2015 is only the beginning of good things to come. T-ARA fighting!!

  6. OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm totally spazzing out right now. I'm so freaking pumped, it feels like I've won the lottery or something.

    Eun Jung is so talented I just can't wait to see her on stage by herself. It's finally time for her to show off her awesome charisma in this solo.

    Congratulations Eun Jung!!!!

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