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  1. i'm anticipating this but shouldn't kks promote qri and boram more since they are so underrated , jiyeon eunjung and hyomin is already famous , they should make a sub unit consisting of qri , boram , areum and soyeon instead so that they can shine bbrighter
  2. i will wait for the subs btw when they will promote bunista in japanese music shows ?? i want to see them performing it
  3. i'm so overwhelmed and happy with this great news !! 40k in a day is such a huge number !!! i'm so proud of our girls !!
  4. can't wait to see this !! its great seeing them having fun
  5. haha eunjung;s so cute when she laughs towards near the end of the interview
  6. our girls are so popular in vietnam , i'm so proud of them , thank you vietnamese queens
  7. wow i really love the package designs , and photocard and everything !! i wish i have money to buy all of the versions , i hope there will be a giveaway soon for t-ara bunny style;s album , i really wants to own one
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