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  1. Awww....that was just beautiful! The voice, the song and last but certainly not least, the singer was just beautiful.
  2. Wow!! Our girls never ceases to amaze me. Although I don't understand the language but it sounded pretty good. And Eunjung is not even looking at the lyrics as she she sings. How is that even possible for someone who is not even a native chinese speaker? Bon Jovi recently did a cover for a popular chinese song and he had the lyrics in front of him but not our Eunjung. Eunjung....DAEBAK!
  3. What a heartfelt and personal message from one of the more playful members of the group. Totally unexpected. You get a sense that Hyomin is really cautiously optimistic about their new comeback and may even be bordering on pessimism. And although that may be a bit sad to read, I am more heartened to hear that they are still working hard and, as they say, still have the 'fighting' spirit in spite of all the setbacks that they have experienced. And for me that is the real message from Hyomin. She acknowledges that times are tougher for the group but the group will not surrender or give up. That, for me is the essence of T-ara FIGHTING!! “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Oliver Goldsmith
  4. What?? An album to be release this year? Yesssssss.......Music to my ears!!! Miss them so much.
  5. OMG!! Well, what can I say? Totally blown away with her performance. It's so good and refreshing to be able to see Eunjung singing live. More please!
  6. OMG....Hyomin is so competitive! Her enthusiasm and the fire in her eyes . This really reminds me of their reality TV series where the members compete with each other. Really miss those days. Score 2 for team Hyomin-Qri, or team Qri-Hyomin, if you are a Qri fan....Woo Hoo!! Now, who says Hyomin is just another pretty face?
  7. Totally in agreement with you in how Jiyeon is being portrayed in these pictures. I'm just a little concern on the whole direction in how they promoting Jiyeon's solo debut. Just by looking at the pictures above, the focus seems not to be on Jiyeon but more on her physical assets. Don't get me wrong. I am not against a bit of sexiness in promoting one's image. But the picture of her in that top clearly shows that the focus is not on her but rather is more on her chest. So, are we promoting Jiyeon the KPop star or Jiyeon's body? Executives within CCM really need thread carefully on this whole sexy concept. This whole idea of sexualising Jiyeon's image in order to create hype and excitement may just cheapen her solo effort by creating focus and attention in all the wrong areas. Worse still, invite scorn or backlash from haters. Let's recognise Jiyeon for her talents and skills. More importantly, there is no need for Jiyeon produce titillating pictures just to bring in the crowd. And if some art director says you need then maybe they are focusing on the wrong crowd. Since the debut of T-ara, she has done very well by herself to become one of the more popular members in T-ara without resorting to such means to sell herself. To be fair, this is not Jiyeon's doing. It's the concept that has been decided by the company for her solo debut. I just hope the image goes well with the songs. Hope it all works out well.
  8. Although no longer with T-ara but certainly not forgotten. Careers come and go, but memories of Areum's time with T-ara will remain forever. Stay happy always, Areum!
  9. May I suggest in the interest public safety and health, a disclaimer like "view at your own risk" or even a warning like "proceed only if you have no underlying heart conditions. Viewing of such pictures may cause a severe physical reaction" be placed for posts such as these. Cause I noticed lately a lot of members have been dying or having some extreme reaction after viewing some of these pictures . You don't want to 'accidentally' kill off some Queens, do you! Jokes aside, our little Jiyeon is really growing up. I'll never look at her in the same way again.
  10. Thanks so much for your time, effort and sacrifice(quite literally) for all your scans. It's absolutely brilliant. I mean I just can't imagine the amount of time you spent on those scans and to share them with other fans especially in your Minus page. I think I was looking at your Minus page before I was here in Diadem. Hats off to you! And again, many thanks!
  11. The whole sexy black look and the water on the floor dance reminds me Hyuna's Change MV. Goes without saying, Jiyeon looks amazing in black!
  12. Call me a worry wart but Soyeon is looking gauntly. Her eyes, jaw line and neck worries me. Soyeon, please take good care of yourself and don't cause us fans to worry. And in the wise words of Jason Bourne.....get some rest, you look tired.
  13. Super excited and looking forward to Jiyeon's solo but at the same time its a bit unsettling t0 read something that just focuses on the chair, S-lines, pelvis, body waves and removal of jacket. And judging from some of the responses here, I guess I'm not the only one with this concern. Just hope they don't concentrate on using the whole concept of sex sells and forget that its an opportunity for Jiyeon to really showcase her talents. Anyway, I really hope my fears are unfounded and the whole cute and sexy image compliments the song. Jiyeon, FIGHTING!!
  14. Most definitely a faux pas moment for Hyomin. More so in a country like Japan. Wonder how did their managers or minders missed that one. Even though it's in english, that word is pretty recognisable, right? ....ooops, gotta be extra careful next time. Hope their upcoming album will be well received and be a major success.
  15. One thing I gotta say about Soyeon....she really does know how to take super cute pictures of herself! Her instagram updates are always a joy to see. I mean look at those big round eyes
  16. As always, Hyomin never ceases to amaze me and these latest pics are no different. She looks absolutely amazing! I suppose this is a modelling gig for some lingerie company, right? While one can't deny how incredibly beautiful Hyomin looks, I do hope that these latest set of pics will not serve to objectify or pigeonhole her as nothing more than being sexy because there is so much more to Hyomin than the sexy image that is attached to her name. Her contributions especially during the early days of T-ara with her showmanship, rapper, singer and for her fashion inputs definitely highlights her other talents.
  17. Ooo....guessing game! This is gonna be fun and a nice change too. First impression, looking at the straightness, smoothness and colour of the hair, would suggest that it is Qri. But then again, Hyomin is coming out with a solo single and that would suggest it could be her in the studio recording the song. My money is on Qri though.
  18. ....this is one exceptional picture of Eunjung! She really does look like a polar bear. A big cute cuddly polar bear . And the jacket looks really comfortable too. Nice and soft.
  19. Sounds like someone in the audience is dying or in great agony by the sounds of their screams. And I can pretty much guess what's going on. T-ara is 'killing' them with their performance
  20. Awww...so nice to to see them enjoying themselves in China and to see them in their natural selves. That guy will probably be kicking himself once he realises who that person was that asked him to take a picture of them. Just imagine if Hyomin or, for that matter, any other member were to to approach you on the street to take their pictures. Easily, it will be one one of the most significant moments in my life . The same goes for the taxi driver. I'm pretty sure Soyeon don't need to show her legs for any of us Queens to stop the car for her .
  21. How cute and funny would it have been had they incorporated the Bo Peep Bo Peep move in their live performances. A touch of nostalgia and added humour Nevertheless, as always, a most enjoyable and entertaining performance by the girls, and not forgetting the great support shown by the fans!
  22. Yeah you should have a listen to their ballads, it's a nice change. If you haven't already done so, check out their Cry Cry/Lovey Dovey and Sexy Love Drama MVs. It's a nice intro to those songs. Yes, it 's bit long but the songs really goes well with the entire storyline. Just make sure you get the sequence of the MVs right or you might not know what's going on. Keep a lookout for "We Were in Love" moment in the MV. It's a real tearjerker. Actually, all their drama MVs are tearjerkers
  23. Although T-ara is more well known for their catchy songs, I really love their slower tempo songs. And this is no exception, without the distractions of fast beat music, I can really appreciate the beautiful voices of the girls which I think this one of the skills that really defines a real singer. Looks like Boram was really a hidden gem in T-ara's crown. I can't believe how incredibly she sounds in all their new songs. Really happy for her! Oh and let's not forget the song. Really beautiful. Has such a happy and hopeful feel to it. Just the right mood for Christmas. Love it!!
  24. Yeah, love that fanchant and the screaming fans! As if the song is not lively enough, the fanchant really puts the whole song and performance in a real party mode. A very respectable #7 debut on MCountdown, I don't think anyone can say that it is a flop, right?
  25. Yes, true but I was thinking more along the lines of contributing and supporting the charity event should they put the posters up for sale.
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