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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [WEIBO] Hyomin Update (01/17)   
    [WEIBO] Hyomin Update (01/17)
    Learning currently..
    Credit: Hyomin Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
    It means "Don't be afraid".
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    tararules reacted to BabyMaknae in [17.06.21] T-ara's 1st win in 5 years and 4 months, "we can't believe it... tears from our fans' love."   
    [17.06.21] T-ara's 1st win in 5 years and 4 months, "we can't believe it... tears from our fans' love."

    T-ara received their first #1 trophy in 5 years. They continued to cry but they were very open about their feeling in front of us.
    On the morning of the 21st, Hyomin conducted an interview with TV Report on behalf of T-ara. Hyomin revealed her feelings on receiving the top spot on SBS MTV The Show on the 20th.
    Hyomin said "we were not expecting to win at all. We went up on stage without any expectations. We only thought to perform our What's My Name stage well. We always stand at the back every time during the winner announcement, but since we were nominated for 1st place, we had to stand in the front. And then our name was called. It felt surreal receiving the trophy.
    The nominees that day were T-ara, for What's My Name, Astro for Baby, and FT Island for Wind. But we could only see Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Qri up on stage. Eunjung had a schedule for filming MBC daily drama All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws.
    Hyomin said, "the moment they called out T-ara, the three of us just looked at each other. We couldn't believe it. After we barely did the encore stage, we stepped down the stage. It just felt surreal. We still couldn't believe it. Our fans showed even more enthusiasm than us. They bought a cake in rush and threw a celebration party for us. Everything is thanks to our fans. Thank you." She began to tear up again.
    Following T-ara's debut in 2009, they promoted as top singers. However, after the snake's Hwayoung's departure, there were caught up in nasty scandal and they couldn't produced any more hit songs. But, in June 2017, T-ara once again rose to become the #1 singers.
    Source: Naver
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    tararules reacted to craZy in [AD/PROMO] Hyomin & Jiyeon for T-Timing (04/18)   
    [AD/PROMO] Hyomin & Jiyeon for T-Timing (04/18)
    Click for full sizes.

    CREDIT: T-Timing + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    tararules reacted to Robbe_881 in [17.02.23] Video - T-ara Hyomin for Adidas Running   
    [17.02.23] Video - T-ara Hyomin for Adidas Running
    Credit: Adidas + Robbe_881 + TiaraDiadem
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    tararules reacted to Stew in [17.02.14] Qri shares her recent activities, future goals and deep thoughts in an interview with BNT   
    [17.02.14] Qri shares her recent activities, future goals and deep thoughts in an interview with BNT

    A girl group with many ups and downs. Debuted in 2009, they climbed to the top with hit songs like Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly, etc. Despite this, they have also overcome exceptionally severe adversity. It's T-ara.
    They've pulled through quite a few adversities and experienced numerous hardships which has earned them a the title of 'Longevity Girl Group,' while most of their peers who debuted around the same time as them are currently either appearing lesser or have disbanded. T-ara is still staying strong, promoting with full members. They are so active both domestically and overseas, to the point where they have clinched the 1st place title of K-Pop girl group in China.
    We have Qri who spent her 20s as T-ara. Now stepping into her 30s, she still has many sides to her that she wants to show to the public. We listened to Qri's story on both T-ara and also herself.
    Q. Thoughts on your 2nd photoshoot with BNT?
    Last time we focused on a more natural theme. This time I think I can pull a concept that suits me more, I'm very satisified. I'm very excited.
    Q. Concepts you liked the most and why?
    I liked the 3rd and 4th concept. It's a style that suits my image and I like it. Although I'm usually bright and cheery, I like a feminine and girl-crush style too. I don't like it to be too feminine, but something more towards unique and casual.
    Q. How have you been recently?
    T-ara made a comeback in autumn of 2016 afterwards we focused on promoting overseas. Now we have China schedules and Japan fan meeting. And also we're expected to be making an appearance on SBS The Show 100-episode special on Valentine's Day. Going on stage after such a long time, we'll be able to show ourselves again
     Q. The time you debuted as a girl group.
    I debuted a bit late compared to my peers. I got my dream after watching 90s seniors like Fin.K.L, SES etc. I felt like I also wanted to show my cool side like the seniors. I also danced a lot to the seniors choreographs in middles school (laughs.) Just like that, I dreamed of being an idol and I passed my trainee period and debuted with T-ara.
    Q. How did you end up with the nickname 'Cutie Pretty?'
    We went to MBC Radio Star before our first music stage appearance before debut. As a rookie, I was asked what 'Qri' meant and so I answered 'Cutie Pretty.' After that fans also started using Cutie Pretty. Also, many people misunderstood, Qri is just a stage name. People thought I changed my name to Qri, but I have my own real name as well.
    Q. Did you have other dreams when you were young?
    I don't know about others but surprisingly I only had one dream, and it was becoming an idol. That's why I have preserved towards only that one goal.
    Q. Most memorable post-debut incident?
    My debut day, and also the day we received our newcomer awards, and every moment of every number 1 we've won.
    Q. Thoughts on becoming the 5th leader?
    The CEO suggested what do you think of rotating the leadership role and we followed that suggestion and rotated the leadership around. The system is still going on. One advantage of the system is that every member gets  a sense of responsibility instilled upon them, they have to think twice before making a decision and take things more seriously.
    Q. Intention to publicize relationship?
    I still don't want to date publicly. Even if I do get into a relationship, I don't think I want to announce it (laughs.) It's burdening to be observed by the public's eye. Unless I'm caught, I have no intention of announcing it publicly. Haha.
    Q. The agency placed no restriction on dating; are you single now?
    The members are not young anymore. The members averaged on early 30s, so they know what to do themselves, haha. And I'm currently single (laughs.)
    Q. How do you feel when reading bad comments?
    I'm not the type to read comments. I think I only read 1 out of 10. However, it's hard to stop reading the comments. If I plan to only read up till the 3rd page, I somehow go as far as 4 or 5 pages (laughs.) It's pretty embarrassing  reading the bad comments. I can't exactly explain one by one that it's wrong. Because I can't cope with it any other way so I just calmly skip them. Instead of feeling burdened inside, I'm the style who just skips them coolly.

    Q. Plans on releasing a solo album?
    There's no exact plan for now but for the fans, I've always hoped for a solo stage.
    Q. How do you find the members acting skills?
    I don't I can judge the members' acting skills, but interestingly, all of us are acting majors. That's why all the members hope acting opportunities, and everyone is thinking positively of it. We also recently filmed a web drama where all 6 members get to have a main role. We take in our characters personally and have a fun time filming. It's something memorable.
    Q. Intention to try out acting?
    As I'm an acting major, I certainly have an inclination towards it. If there's a project I'd like to try in the future, it's would possibly be romantic comedy.
    Q. Areas you'd like to try out?
    I'd like to try being a program MC. I have many interests in make-up, so I'd like to be a beauty MC or something related to it at least once. Other than that, I'd also like to a try a variety of things like acting, photoshoots, music programs, etc.
    Q. We heard you're the number 1 girl group in China. Do you feel that popularity in China?
    Many people come to the airport when we go overseas, many people cheer for us and I think that's when it feels real (laughs.) Every time there's a foreign polling, we always get good results. I'm very thankful for such reaction and support.
    Q. As a Hallyu star, is there any restriction while promoting in China?
    Speaking for our group only, things like concert tours, etc. proceed without any difficulties. Also, not too long ago, our Korean comeback activities also proceeded without any problems.
    Q. It's going to be 9 years since you debuted, when you're performing at music broadcasts, it may seem like you're a middle-grade idol now.
    I've been worried about this anyway, but thankfully many 90s seniors are coming back out promoting, we don't really hear that a lot (laughs.) Although we've debuted for a while, we're still promoting like a rookie instead of thinking ourselves as big seniors. But many of our peers who promoted alongside us last time have disappeared, so there's a regretful feeling when attending music shows.
    Q. What do you think of the recently debuted juniors? As an idol senior, what is the one thing you want to advise them on?
    They're so pretty, it's so cute (laughs.) Just like their rookie status, their music style is also very lovable and pure, fitting of a rookie. Looking those sides, I feel quiet envious, haha. Personally, I like Blackpink and WJSN's skills and stage, they all look good, and I have a good impression of them. I'm not worthy of advising them but I hope they will think of their fans and keep pursuing their dream as idols without giving up, I think that way they will be idols for a very very long time.
    Q. Until now, the characteristic that only T-ara is loved for is...
    Firstly, it's the strong addictive melody in T-ara's songs. Another thing, we haven't actually tried out feminine and pretty concepts even once. I think our most recent album is probably the most feminine we've been (laughs.) I think we've always change to a different style/concept without much hesitation every time.
    Q. There's a saying of a 7-year jinx for idols. How did you go past it?
    In our case, our contracts with the agency isn't 7 years, so I don't think it rightly applies to us. We had a much shorter period to our contracts and have also re-signed several contracts in the past so our situation doesn't apply to other idols. I don't know when but the members became a family and we're carrying on with that strong relationship.
    Q. Genre you want to try out a solo artist?
    Something T-ara has never tried, something dreamy and calm indie type of song. Otherwise, I also like hip-hop rap genre.
    Q. Thoughts on going past 30s?
    I really hated it when I was 29 going 30, but now only the age changes. I'm still living like I'm in my 20s and there's really not much of a different (laughs.) However, if I can, I'd still like to reduce my age by even 1 year if possible (laughs.)
    Q. Secret to youthful looks?
    Actually, I'm not really big on management. As you age, you have to take care of your skin by putting on facial masks every day. I'm currently trying the 1-day-1-mask pack routine and I diligently apply eye-cream. Isn't it a profession where you can't afford to not look youthful? Haha. That's why I pay attention to skincare. Also, I usually carry myself on a younger style compared to my actual age.
    Q. Body-managing technique?
    I eat more than an average woman. I'm not a picky-eater and I've been said to eat more than others. That's why instead of restricting on the amount I eat, I exercise as much as I eat. Even if I don't get to exercise, I still move around a lot to burn calories
    Q. Usual personality?
    Like many people noticed, I'm very feminine. That's why I think I should maintain looking coy and feminine in front of people I meet. But among my close friends, I'm very lively and active (laughs.) I'm not the type who tried to be funny, bu I heard I'm quite funny, haha.
    Q. Usual hobbies or talents?
    I like bowling, I'm currently a member of a bowling club and am quite actively participating. There are also other idols and a number of athletes. We used to gather every day after our schedules end, but since I was busy preparing for our comeback, I haven't been able to attend. I average about 140 and am currently last place in the group (laughs.) As for talent, I used to play instruments before. I played piano since I was young and I've also played instruments in a different agency's idol band in my early 20s, before debuting with T-ara. I played bass then, so I can handle a bit of bass.
    Q. Members with unique hobbies?
    There are members who will start knitting once autumn comes. Scarves, cardigans, etc. will be made, and they're really good at it. Excluding Boram and I, everyone else is really good at knitting. They'll go shopping for threads and whip up something in a short time, it really looks feminine. But I don't think I have such feminine hobby. I like something more active and involves other people. I like to experience things so I recently enjoy travelling. I'm not really the type who likes places with many people, I also like to travel domestically (laughs.)
    Q. Looking at your SNS, you seem very close to Han Boreum.
    We're very close, not too long ago, we had the same schedule and went to Hong Kong for a launch party. I got to know her from a junior at my university's department. As we promote together in the entertainment industry, we got closer.
    Q. When will you get married?
    At the moment I have no marriage plans, but for my age, I get to hear many talks of marriage from people around me. I'm not planning to live a single life, I'll definitely get married one day. But now I still like working, I like being with the members. Also, I have my fans, I don't think a lot about marriage.
    Q. There must be some things you disagree on with the members.
    I can't say for other groups but in our group, we have an extremely good relationship with one another. We hear people complimenting us like, "you guys have a very good relationship," quite often. We have a really strong determination among us. There are many people who say they like us and support us, but there are also people who hate us and during these times, encouraging words like "stay strong" will make us even closer. There is a lot of negativity towards T-ara right now, but every time it gets difficult, if you're to ask who are the people who give me strength, I would say it's the members.
    That's why until now, there's not really anything that the members disagree on or are uncomfortable with. We've always settled everything with rock-paper-scissors (laughs.) Even during overseas schedules, we settle the make-up order by rock-paper-scissors (laughs.)
    Q. What is T-ara to Qri?
    Because I gave all of my 20s to T-ara, I think of T-ara as all of my 20s. Because I spent a big part of my 20s with the members, everything is not that different.
    Q. Variety shows you want to guest on?
    I really eating, I want to go on an eating show like tvN Three Meals a Day. I also want to go on MBC We Got Married. At the moment I'm single. I think it would be interesting to experience a virtual relationship or get to experience various things in marriage. (laughs.)
    Q. Your goal?
    We have many overseas schedules in place. We're currently promoting in Asia only, but in the future I'd like to expand the promotions to various other countries and meet fans in those countries. As for my personal goals, I hope I will be able to broaden my acitivities in a variety of fields. Until now, I have been working only as a T-ara member. I would like to challenge myself in various fields such as acting, variety and MCing.
    Source: BNT
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    tararules reacted to craZy in [17.02.12] A Chronological Timeline and Conclusion of the T-ara Scandal, Dispatch's interview with T-ara's staff   
    On February 9th, a former staff spoke out on Hwayoung playing victim and revealed shocking messages from Hyoyoung to Areum. Diadem chose not to report the story as we associate with Hwayoung no longer. However, for everyone’s reading and to finally conclude this 5 year long scandal, we wish to present Dispatch’s true and detailed chronological report of the scandal.
    Hwayoung left the group on July 30th 2012. On this day, Core Contents Media (now MBK Entertainment) announced that Hwayoung’s contract had been cancelled unconditionally. Hwayoung said, “fact without truth” on her personal SNS. Which is the truth? What is real? What truth was omitted and what is the reality that exists?
    Let’s start with the reality:
    Hwayoung appeared at the airport assisted by managers. (24th)
    Performs only one song (Day By Day) at Budokan. (25th & 26th)
    Hyomin posted on her Twitter, “difference in determination.” (25th)
    Hwayoung refuses to go up on Music Bank’s stage. (27th)
    Official announcement of Hwayoung leave. (30th)
    1 to 5 are undebatable facts, but there are some realities omitted from the situation’s background. Hyoyoung did not reveal the reality at that point, and T-ara’s explanation fell on deaf ears.

    Reality without facts? 5 years have passed since then.
    On February 9th, 2017, the incident resurfaced. Why Hwayoung received assistance, why Hyomin posted that tweet, why Hwayoung was left out of music bank… the background of the incident was exposed. Is what the staff said real? Is it the omitted truth from the “fact without truth”? Or is it nothing?
    Dispatch met up with 6 staff who worked with T-ara in 2012, stylists and managers, and asked about the incident 5 years ago.

    The catalyst to the scandal is the tweet Hyomin made on the 25th. “Difference in determination.” Dispatch asked the staff for the reasoning. They said, let’s take a look from the dressing room of Budokan on the 25th.
    “The members were all sensitive. It was their first Budokan concert and Hwayoung missed out on the rehearsal for it. She had taken personal time. Hyomin was referring to that part of the situation.”
    What was Hwayoung’s reaction? Another staff mentioned Hyomin’s reaction at the time.
    “Hyomin of course talked to Hwayoung. ‘Don’t be like this.’ Hwayoung just raised the volume on her headphones. It was perceived as her not wanting to talk about it. Hyomin gave up on trying to converse and left.”
    Hyomin tweeted on the 25th at 16:54 “the difference in determination.” It was 1 hour before the concert.

    The T-ara members sympathized with Hyomin, Eunjung also quoted, “we should look out for the people around us,” agreeing with Hyomin. Soyeon likewise tweeted, “difference in Determination + Attitude + Consideration.”
    Why did they all voice out similarly? It was the topic of the day they arrived in Japan on the 24th of July. The person responsible for transport explained the incident on that day. Hwayoung looked for a hospital even in Japan. She said she needed a leg cast. In the end, 7 members of T-ara headed for Budokan while Hwayoung headed for the hospital.
    “Just like what the hospitals in Korea said, the hospital in Japan also said a leg cast was unnecessary. It would heal naturally, but it did need extra attention.”
    Even so, Hwayoung’s next destination wasn’t straight back to Budokan. Hwayoung left for the hotel, and the absurdity of especially mentioning this whole thing is the nail art part.
    “She said she wouldn’t be able to perform at the concert anyway so she may as well rest at the hotel, and since we’re resting at the hotel, might as well get some nail art in the mean time. This reached the members’ ears.”

    T-ara began practicing the choreography formation for 7 members. It was called the “Without Hwayoung” version at the site. The concert officials told Dispatch, “they changed formations for approximately 22 songs. Not only the members, the sound system, lighting and other staffs had a hard time as well. The rehearsal went on for approximately 8 hours.”
    T-ara arrived in Seoul from Ulsan at 3 AM on the 24th after the Ulsan Music Core special was over on the night of the 23rd. The members only got roughly 3 hours of sleep before heading out to Japan again.
    “Everyone was exhausted and the 8 hours of rehearsal only made it worse. If Hwayoung joined the rehearsal, or even arrived on the scene and explained herself, the time would’ve significantly shortened. ”
    On that day, Hwayoung did not come anywhere near the rehearsal site. It was unclear if she did or did not get her nails done too. The manager at the time did not personally ask the nail artist. Excuses like they couldn’t get a reservation were made.

    There was a difference in ache and the difference in pan was huge. Hwayoung’s pain is only existent to herself. She made up her own diagnosis that she needed more rest in order to avoid a more serious injury. Misunderstandings piled up and they turned into distrust. They looked at things differently.
    T-ara wanted to personally hear an apology and appreciation of their had work, but Hwayoung only apologized at the press conference in front of reporters. On the other hand, Hwayoung wanted to hear, “it’s okay, don’t worry about it,” as a form of consolation but the members were already disappointed with Hwayoung’s attitude. They couldn’t understand the logic behind heading straight back to hotel and not attending the rehearsal. T-ara and Hwayoung spent 3 days and 2 nights of schedules together like that and returned to Korea. Afterwards, things spiraled out of hand. It was at the Music Bark dressing room on the 27th.

    This is the part that was never disclosed previously. It was not an information even the staff who posted on the online communities knew. The reconciling part. Eventually the timing ruined everything. The following is the testimony of a staff member who has been close to T-ara and in his private life
    “Hyomin tried to start a conversation. She sincerely wanted to address the problem. Hwayoung saw that sincerity too. She said, ‘I got it,” she walked alone afterwards and practiced by herself. Her expression was different.”
    According to this staff, the situation was thought to be resolved with that. Then Hwayoung’s unnie, Hyoyoung, sent out the text messages exactly 1 hour before Music Bank went live. Dispatch also got in touch with another staff in the dressing room at the tine. She witnessed Areum’s expression turn serious, the members gathering together and Hwayoung’s perplexed expression.
    “Areum‘s face stiffened. It was a scary expression. She of course asked for help from the unnies. Hyomin immediately asked Hwayoung to resolve the situation. Hwayoung left the dressing room and was on her phone crying.”
    The staff also added her own guess.
    “Hwayoung may not have been comfortable in Japan by herself. She may had complained to her sister. But Hyoyoung didn’t know at the time, that they had reconciled and had sent out those text messages looking out for her younger sister. This totally split up the members.”

    Water had been spilt. There was nothing else to be done. Then the assumptions started pouring in. Witnesses of “Hwayoung running out crying” will cry out it’s bullying. Afterwards, rumor like “Hwayoung was force-fed rice cake,” “Hyomin stabbed Hwayoung’s eyes,” “Borarn broke Hwayoung’s umbrela,” “Jiyeon did not high five Hwayoung,” started pouring in. T-ara did explain, but they had already become suspects of bullying. They believed nothing. Hwayoung neither confirmed nor denied the case. Instead, Hahm Eunjung tried to stop the drama by coming out clean for the fist time.
    “It’s true there was a clash of opinions between the members,  but using this to further exacerbate the bullying controversy really hurt me. Through distortion of facts. I’ve been hurt a lot and saddened by it.”
    T-ara and Hwayoung walked their own separate paths. Just like that 5 yeas had passed and Hwayoung appeared on a talk show. She called the incident “something that could’ve happened.” If you have to determine who’s at fault, there won’t be an end to it.
    Hyomin tweeted about Hwayoung’s attitude
    Hyomin’s tweet offended Hwayoung
    Hyoyoung’s threat after Hwayoung is offended
    Hwayoung booted after Hyoyoung’s threat…
    If any one of these occurrence was omitted, it wouldn’t be as dramatic as today. To summarize, it’s not about whether or not it would have happened.
    The start was trivial, emotion played a part, misunderstandings happened, and then T-ara were treated like monsters. Hwayoung become an icon of ‘Pico.’
    Source: Disptach via Naver
    Translation: Stew
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    tararules reacted to ily_shannon in [STARCAST] T-ara's bowling date with global fans (11/30)   
    credit: naver starcast + ily_shannon @ tiaradiadem
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    tararules reacted to ily_shannon in [PICS] Kids Planet Website Update with T-ara (11/19)   
    Credit: Kids Planet + ily_shannon @ tiaradiadem
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    tararules reacted to craZy in [PRESS] T-ara for Dispatch - 38 HD Photos (11/12)   
    [PRESS] T-ara for Dispatch - 38 HD Photos (11/12)

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    tararules reacted to Stew in [16.11.06] T-ara recount their 7 years together as a group... "We have no thoughts to disband."   
    [16.11.06] T-ara recount their 7 years together as a group... "We have no thoughts to disband."

    T-ARA is making a comeback after 1 year and 3 months. Girl group T-ARA has enjoyed immense popularity, followed by multiple hardships and eventually overcoming them. They debuted in July 2009 with a song that catches everyone's attention and swept the music chart. They displayed different concepts to existing groups and are overwhelming. T-ARA has received many loves from the public as a popular group.
    The now-actress Hwayoung joined the group as an additional member in 2010 and participated in RLPL, BPBP, Lovey Dovey, etc which has placed 1st on numerous charts and won many awards. However, Hwayoung leaves the group due to discord 2 years later in 2012. Areum joined as a new member afterwards but also left in the following year and the group has continued as 6 members afterwards.
    They've experienced numerous rise and fall but the members always comforted each other during these hard times and become each other's strength. They hide their sufferings from people's backlash, overcoming the difficulties and pledge to endure them one at a time.
    They have a huge stardom in China and Japan, but they still hope to return and promote in Korea. They’re more focused on their music rather than popularity, not greedy and aspire too much, but instead climb the stairs one by one. This album will almost be like the starting point to what they're about to show the music world in the future.
    Q. What did you do for 1 year?
    Soyeon: Split activities between China and Japan. I’ve missed Korean activities.
    Q. It’s been 8 years since debuting in 2009, what are your thoughts?
    Eunjung: I think it’ll be better if I explain by using the lyrics in our new song. “There’s nobody else who loves (us) like you do” is for the fans. We are reminded of people who like us and have been with us in the past. Of course, this would apply to other groups’ fans as well. They’ve went through the hard times together, that’s how they’ve become a family.

    Q. There are a lot of singers making comeback recently. It’s a competition, are you worried about your rankings?
    Soyeon: We have no expectations. (Laughs). We’re not aiming to survive on the charts, instead we just wanted to promote in Korea. During the 1 year and 3 months break, we’ve promoted in China and Japan. I don’t know if it’s considered a long time but, the fans have waited for a long time. I want to interact with the Korean fans as soon as possible. We don’t even concern ourselves with things like competition, we don’t even think about it. We made the album this time only thinking about the fans.
    Q. It’s unexpected that the new song is a ballad.
    Eunjung: As for the song this time, it’s a style that all the members agreed on. It’s an expectable concept coming from a girl group, but we didn’t do that. This time T-ARA tries to not be unique.
    Jiyeon: It’s innocent and soft.
    Soyeon: We’ve been doing exaggerated and loud type recently. As we practised, we felt bored and feel slightly refined at that.
    Hyomin: Bored to the point of should we keep doing this. We’ve been around for 7~8 years, we feel like showing our mature self on the stage.
    Q. If you’re to choose the song you’re most obsessed with out of all your hit songs?
    All members: ‘Roly Poly’. We received lots of love. We enjoyed being on the stage and it’s a song which we really enjoyed the promotion of. We’ve always been 2 nd for 11 weeks and Super Junior sunbaenim got the 1 st . That song was 1 st on annual melon chart at that time.
    Hyomin: It’s almost like a song that dominates an era.
    Eunjung: We’re the group that leaves at daybreak.
    Q. You were really popular but have to endure some difficulties after the discord with Hwayoung.
    Eunjung: Our image as T-ARA changed due to that issue. We’ve gone through some difficult times due to that and the fans have experienced it alongside us. It’s our own issue so it’s only right we persevered on, but the fans have no such obligations. They’re still here out of their own will because they liked us and I can’t express enough gratitude and apologised enough. I will never forget this till the day I die.
    Q. Is it possible to meet Hwayoung like nothing’s happened now?
    Jiyeon: Hwayoung is doing well too; a long time has passed now I think we can smile when we do meet now.
    Q. You’ve recently heard much news of groups disbanding and leaving, what is T-ARA’s plan?
    All members: It’s something we’ve all been talking about but in our hearts we want it to stay the way it is. (The group that split/disbanded) has 7 years in their contract, but our first contract wasn’t even 7 years, in fact even shorter. We’ve signed a recontract 2 times. T-ARA will keep going in the future. We’ve passed the 7-years curse. We definitely have no intention to disband or split.

    Q. Your comeback song is not dance but medium tempo. Explain the change.
    Eunjung: Actually we wanted to do another T-ARA –ish song. Another song where people who listen can make out it’s another ‘T-ARA’s song’. We wanted to do another upbeat song or EDM etc. But, the song this time is indifference and not as upbeat. Actually, we’ve also always wanted to do a calm song. We haven’t had the chance to try a song that other girl groups have given a shot at least once. We’ve done many unique concepts, this time we want something calm.
    Jiyeon: Among other tracks, the mini albums have the title track, Chinese ver. and Inst. Ver.
    Q. How much did the members participated in the album this time?
    Soyeon: We hardly have any time this time. After the meeting for comeback preparation ended, the comeback is moved up to early November, there’s hardly any part where we contributed.
    Q. You collaborated with Duble Sidekick again this time.
    Soyeon: In our perspective, we’re already thankful for giving the song to us. We rarely receive compliments of nice songs. To others, they listen only because they believed in Duble Sidekick’s skills, in the perspective of a singer, we also believed in them and accepted it. There’s also a good atmosphere working together because we’re close with one another. Actually, we receive more songs from Shinsadong Tiger and Jo Youngsoo composer. We do wish to work with them in the future.
    Q. Do you not worry about change?
    Eunjung: Of course we do. But if you worry about it you can’t accomplish anything. We have to make a decision among the songs given.
    Hyomin: We do worry if the song is too boring to listen to, but as we listen further we are reminded of the fans. It’s a song that’s suitable to listen to during cleaning or to concentrate while driving.

    Q. I think you would want to be 1 st in music chart.
    Jiyeon: We’ve agreed to do it in the most T-ARA way as possible. We will come out with the mentality of we’re receiving as many love as possible. Of course we don’t know what the public reaction will be like. We think of this time like an event.
    Eunjung: We really do not expect anything like charting 1 st , getting all-kill or getting cheers. We only want this to be a memory between us and fans. We want to use our time interacting as much as possible with the fans. We do not cling on results for our promotion. To tell the truth, we’re only here because we miss promoting in Korea.
    Jiyeon: We want to present fans with our hearts. We release our albums as a form of payback for their love.
    Q. You have so many Chinese fans; it’s possible to get 1 st is it not?
    All members: Eyy~ seriously, no such thing. We don’t expect getting 1 st . We’re only planning music shows, fan meeting and promotion
    Q. If there’s anything you’d expect out of this promotion?
    Jiyeon: A good time with the fans, making good memories. That’s the priority for this promotion.
    Eunjung: We fed on memories to carry on living (Smile.) Long story short, we want to make good memories with the fans. To repay the protection the fans have provided us. Our gratitude can’t be expressed in 1~2 words. We don’t even know how to repay that debt. We will release many albums to meet them. Try to become a good person, or be an even better person. We’d like to keep going. This might sound like a cliché answer but it’s probably because we’ve endured more hardships compared to other teams.
    Q. T-ARA is inclined to receive bad comments from the netizens. Is there anything you’d like to say to them?
    Eunjung: It’s better than no comments. We’re fine with anything.
    Jiyeon: We’ve released ourselves from it.
    Hyomin: We’ve debuted for 7~8 years and it’s been 4 years since the incident. It was the Olympics then. This year is also the Olympics and we thought ‘Ah it’s been 4 years’. We couldn’t believe we actually suffered more and getting loved more during all that time. We tell this among ourselves but we really endured well.

    Q. Another genre T-ARA would like to try in the future?
    Hyomin: We’ve really done a lot since debut. Having fun and enjoying ourselves is our number 1 priority at the moment. We don’t really expect anything out of this promotion other than to enjoy ourselves. We are already content for the simple fact of us releasing an album.
    Jiyeon: We’ve returned after 1 year and 3 months, we only want to have fun.
    Hyomin: It’s actually dreadful if you look at it. I don’t know when exactly we’ve lost our goals. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. We have no heavy burdens. Of course, we’re apologetic towards the fans. In the fans’ perspective, it would be better for their favourite artist to clinch 1 st . I think it’d better if the fans lower their expectations now.
    Q. You seem like you really like your fans. Any events you’d like to do with them?
    Eunjung: I’ve always said this but it was never fulfilled, but I’d like to go camping with them. (Laughs) But it’s getting too cold now, should we still go camping or go to a ski resort? It’s better if we do it at least once.
    Others: What Ski Resort!?? (Laughs)
    Q. Any varieties show you want to guest as full members?
    All members: We want to go on ‘Knowing Bros’. It’s spiteful but I think the viewers will laugh and enjoy at the sight of us getting spewed with insults.
    Hyomin: That’s right. I think people would laugh (at us getting dissed). I want to go on ‘SNL’
    Q. Any plans to release full-album within this year?
    Soyeon: We want to release it sometime between March~April next year. It’s our 12 th mini-album this time. We’ve been telling our agency. Everything may be up to us but there are still no specific details on next album. For now, just focus on this album.
    Q. Your hoobaes seemed really active these days. Anyone that catches your attention?
    All members: Of course TWICE. Very pretty and makes us happy when we look at them. We watched Music Bank together last time and stuck ourselves on the TV screens like guys. We picked our biases. (Laughs). TWICE has 9 members and they’re all pretty. Really jealous.

    Q. T-ARA members are also pretty. You’re now in mid-20s to early 30s. How do you self-manage?
    Boram: I’m concerned with recovery with blood so I find things suitable for me to eat. As long as my body isn’t tired I feel like I can do anything. Like in the interview, I’m totally drained. Haha.
    Soyeon: Your stamina goes down as you turn 30.
    Eunjung: I also have chronic fatigue
    Q. You’ve recently become very popular overseas. What’s the secret to getting such popularity?
    Eunjung: Having released many genres of song, we seem to have a variety of songs to choose from. We seem to be able to satisfy different type of people. We’re doing fine everywhere else except in Korea. We debut during the rise of Hallyu and luckily got many love calls from overseas and enter the market. It’s not like we’re looking for something in particular, we just entered and fit naturally. We have many memorable concerts, in Japan Budokan, 10000 attended. In Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Centre 12000 attended. Thank you so much.
    Hyomin: No particular reason on why overseas fans like us, but it are more because we have many contents. We’ve been really busy in the past but now that we look at it, we’re grateful for it. We filmed one MV per month, that’s 12 a year.
    Soyeon: There’s also a time when we filmed for total of 300 hours for 5 MVs
    Q. I heard you’re more popular than Beyoncé in China.
    All members: We’re really surprised to see ourselves having the largest girl group fan base in China. We’re 1 st among
    K-POP female artists. In the mixed ranking, 1 st is EXO, 2 nd Big Bang, 3 rd T-ARA.
    Eunjung: In the Shanghai concert, the stadium is fully filled. We don’t know who to share such proud moment with, we
    just talk about it among ourselves. (Laughs)
    Q. Do you think you will regain your popularity in Korea?
    Hyomin: I don’t think so. We don’t think to gain more popularity now. We’re just living in the moment.
    Q. Do you have any big picture as idols that have been around for 10 years?
    Eunjung: I want to keep carrying T-ARA’s name with me
    Soyeon: Do some acting, even after getting married and becoming housewife T-ARA won’t split and will stay together
    for the fans. Not in the near future but if you’re talking about the big picture.
    Hyomin: The thing we’ve always said among ourselves is to stay together as T-ARA. We don’t know what will happen.
    Even if we did split I want to keep having fan meeting and concerts even if we can’t do album promotion.
    Q. What’s T-ARA in your life?
    Eunjung: We call it ‘love-hate T-ARA’ among ourselves (Laughs). We really hate it, despise it, and gone through many
    difficulties but now we know what each other is thinking just by looking at one’s eyes and expression.
    Hyomin: When we quarrel during our dorm times it’s not really because of any reasons in particular. Even for biological sisters, they can fight every day when young and grow up to be closest friends.
    Source: Osen 1, 2, 3
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    tararules reacted to vancew90 in [16.11.06] T-ara reveal details of their contracts and their heart's desire to stay together as a group for a long time   
    [16.11.06] T-ara reveal details of their contracts and their heart's desire to stay together as a group for a long time

    Just like that, T-ara is a girl group that has been around for almost 8 years. Many idol groups have suffered the ‘7-year jinx’ and went through changes within and outside the groups. Meanwhile, T-ara who had been through all sorts of hardships (even before the 7-year mark) captured a lot of attention and concern.
    In an interview about their recently planned comeback, T-ara revealed facts about their contract status with MBK Entertainment, their love towards the team and their sense of responsibility.
    “Other idol group peers who debuted around the same time as us have already went through contract termination changes but our contract is still about a year from expiration. The contract expiration dates of the members are not very different but we recently discussed it with our company and we have set a (new) date for the contract termination,” T-ara honestly spoke.
    Also, T-ara mentioned Shinhwa who have been maintaining their team for 19 years now and said, “we will indeed not disband this group called T-ara. We wouldn't be able to decide this if even one member’s heart felt differently. All 6 of us want to maintain this T-ara team.”
    Especially Soyeon, she expressed her heart and said that regardless when or where the members are, even if they were to go back to leading ordinary lives, as long as the fans ask for it, they would want to gather once again as T-ara and perform whenever.
    Hyomin said, “honestly, there are times where we've had a 'T-ara love-hate relationship.’ There were times of difficulty and hatred but we can never throw (T-ara) away. The members all understand that they can’t throw this team away and have gained more sense of responsibility. T-ara is everything in our lives. So we hope that we can go a long way with T-ara’s name.

    The group's upcoming new song TIAMO is not T-ara’s usual conceptual image; it’s a song where their usual strength is significantly reduced to show T-ara’s softer sides. Additionally, the lyrics of TIAMO contains a thankful heart towards a beloved person but the members are singing this song to express their hearts towards their fans.
    Qri said, “when we were rookies, we were busy like crazy so there wasn’t much free time for us to stop and feel the love from our fans. But when we had free time, we would think of our fans a lot. We get more strength when we think of our fans.” Soyeon added, “because our fans want to get us first place on music charts, they stream our music. We know that very well. Even if we don’t get first place, it’s fine. Just our fans’ intention and hearts are enough to make us happy and thankful.”
    When we asked T-ara about what they hope to get from their company, all 6 members said that they wanted a second full-length album that contained “T-ara’s colours.” Eunjung said, “we want to release an album that is of the highest level and songs that anyone who hears them would say that these are T-ara’s songs.” Hyomin added, “we released 18 to 19 albums but only one of them is a full-length one. We want to release a second full-length album with good choreography and songs in the first half of next year.”
    Meanwhile, T-ara will release their new song TIAMO on various music sites at 12 AM on 9th November and make their comeback after about 1 year and 3 months.
    Source: XSportsNews
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    tararules reacted to vancew90 in [16.11.06] T-ara share their thoughts on junior groups, “Twice and GFriend? We’re not thinking about winning.”   
    [16.11.06] T-ara share their thoughts on junior groups, “Twice and GFriend? We’re not thinking about winning.”

    It’s been revealed that T-ara is making a full-group comeback after about 1 year and 3 months. Their upcoming new song TIAMO is very different from their usual strong concepts. It is a strangely weaker medium-tempo song where they've reduced their usual strong image.
    Making a comeback with such a drastic change, there is great reason to have anticipation towards how well they will do this time. But T-ara said, “we're satisfied to just spend time with our fans through this time’s activity.” In a recent comeback interview, T-ara revealed their honest feelings about their upcoming competition with junior idol groups (on music shows and charts).
    Hyomin explained their upcoming new song, “our songs were always focused on the choreography but for TIAMO, the choreography is really easy. All the members wanted to say, “this is it?” but we all think that performing a choreography that is not so strong for once might not be a bad thing. Isn’t ‘peaceful/calm T-ara' something new for us to show to everyone?”

    Eunjung laughed while saying, “TIAMO is a good song to listen to while working. You can leave it on while cleaning the house, driving on the road or when at a store. Please listen to it a lot.”
    T-ara will be facing off with other junior girl groups like Twice, Black Pink and more. Eunjung said, “Twice, GFriend and other junior girl groups are really cute. Just looking at them will give you an endorphin rush. I think it will be exciting to meet and greet the junior girl groups whom we've only seen on TV so far.” Jiyeon also showed her liking towards Red Velvet.
    Source: XSportsNews
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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [PHOTOSHOOT] T-ARA TIAMO MV Filming (11/04)   
    [PHOTOSHOOT] T-ARA TIAMO MV Filming (11/04)

    Naver Article
    Credit: Naver + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [AD/PROMO] Jiyeon for Celucasn (10/29)   
    [AD/PROMO] Jiyeon for Celucasn (10/29)

    Credit: 潮流前线CLUB Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    tararules reacted to vancew90 in [16.10.19] T-ara's transformation and doing away with dance songs, will they succeed?   
    [16.10.19] T-ara's transformation and doing away with dance songs, will they succeed?

    Girl group T-ara, who have mainly attracted attention and popularity through cheerful dance songs like Roly Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Time To Love, Lovey-Dovey, etc., are deciding to make a comeback with a medium-tempo songs with emphasis placed on lyrics instead of their usual dance songs for the first time.
    After 1 year and 3 months since their previously promoted mini album, So Good, last year, they are in the midst of preparations for a new album with Duble Sidekick.
    The main thing worth noting is that this is T-ara’s transformation and the first time not producing and performing dance songs since their debut back in 2009.
    Main vocalist Soyeon has separately performed solo ballad songs and other album tracks which are lyrical songs but it’s quite rare for fans to see the all of T-ara have activities promoting a calm and relaxing title song.
    It has just been a while since Duble Sidekick finished producing the songs so there isn’t much information other than the fact that the songs will be medium-tempo.
    MBK Entertainment said, “The new songs have just been given to us and the members haven’t spent much time listening to the songs yet so we can’t say much at this point yet. But the songs this time are slow and quite different from the songs they used to promote previously. We will gradually reveal information about the new songs.”

    So what could be T-ara’s reason for deciding to make a comeback with a non-dance title song since their debut 7 years ago?
    First of all, they are making a comeback during the later period of the chilly Autumn so a non-dance, medium-tempo song might suit the season. The music chart is also showing a trend that emphasizes on R&B and ballad genres so there is a high possibility that the selected title song would do well.
    Also, the possibility of wanting to reform and repair their negative image should not be excluded. It could also be that slow tempo songs are also able to show a more sincere image as compared to dance songs.
    Since ex-member Hwayoung’s departure back in 2012, T-ara had released many rounds of new songs that were unable to receive a good response from the public.
    Because of this, the members who had gone through a tough 4 years said that their overseas fanbase is growing but they are longing for the kind of popularity in Korea they used to have in the past.
    Of course, it wouldn’t be so soon that T-ara’s negative image will change for the better just by not singing dance songs but it will at least allow the T-ara members to show at least their sincerity towards the public.
    We’ll pay close attention to see if T-ara is able to overcome the negative stares from the public with their comeback and medium-tempo song and have a new second chance.
    Source: Naver
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    tararules reacted to craZy in [16.10.14] T-ara confirms comeback for November with Duble Sidekick produced title track   
    [16.10.14] T-ara confirms comeback for November with Duble Sidekick produced title track

    T-ara is set to return in November!
    A representative from T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment said, "T-ara to make a comeback in November as 6 is correct. They are striving for the comeback."
    Furthermore, "the album will be a mini album consisting of 3 to 4 new songs. The concept and other activities have yet to be decided. A showcase will be held."
    The 6 members of T-ara will be returning after a year and three months since the the release of their previous mini album, So Good. T-ara is currently preparing for the new album with Duble Sidekick and aims to make a comeback in November.
    Source: Sports Donga
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    tararules reacted to craZy in [STARCAST] T-ara with DIA at Busan One Asia Festival (10/07)   
    [STARCAST] T-ara with DIA at Busan One Asia Festival (10/07)

    CREDIT: Naver Starcast + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [16.09.17] Video - T-ARA Great China Tour Concert In Shanghai   
    [16.09.17] Video - T-ARA Great China Tour Concert In Shanghai
    Credit: Kpop现场版 + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [16.07.29] News - T-ARA Public Welfare Forest in Mongolia Alxa   
    [16.07.29] News - T-ARA Public Welfare Forest in Mongolia Alxa
    To commemorate and celebrate T-ARA 7th anniversary,
    TARABar donated and participated in greening project by China Green Foundation (CGF)
    to build "T-ARA Public Welfare Forest" in Mongolia Alxa where 729 small trees are planted.
    Through their official Weibo on 29th Jul, CGF thanked T-ARA fans for their love and care in forestry development and environmental protection.

    (TARABar) The certificate will be presented to T-ARA at "T-ARA Great China Tour in Shanghai" concert on 17th Sep.

    Credit: China Green Foundation Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    tararules reacted to Steven83iu in [16.06.27] Poll - Fan Army Face-Off 2016   
    [16.06.27] Poll - Fan Army Face-Off 2016
    Once again fandoms compete.

    Which army is the strongest?
    Vote for yours and help carry them to victory!
    Vote for T-ara
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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] Jiyeon @ 2016 Luxury Brand Model Awards (06/30)   
    [PRESS] Jiyeon @ 2016 Luxury Brand Model Awards (06/30)
    T-ARA received the Best Hallyu Girl Group Award and Jiyeon attended the ceremony to receive on behalf of T-ARA.

    More below

    Credit: Osen + Asia News Agency + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    tararules reacted to ily_shannon in [MAG] Hyomin for Cosmopolitan July 2016 Issue (06/24)   
    Credit: Cosmopolitan + ily_ shannon @ tiaradiadem
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    tararules reacted to T-ara Trans in [16.06.22] Hyomin reveals her personal beauty and health tips for Cosmo Beauty   
    [16.06.22] Hyomin reveals her personal beauty and health tips for Cosmo Beauty

    “When I was young, I used to just pay attention to beauty that appeals to the eyes. So I used to be obsessed with outer beauty-care, always concealing my flaws or maximizing my merits. But now that’s not the case. I have come to realize how important natural beauty is.” - Hyomin.
    This is our second time meeting, right? Your body seems to have gotten better compared to the last time, do you still work hard to keep in shape?
    Haha. Back then I used to work so hard to keep in shape, to the point where I used to do crossfit. Right now, I can’t exercise as hard as I used to back then, but since it’s summer now I’m trying slowly to go back to keeping in shape.
    Can you tell us specifically what you’re going to do? Obviously, your goal will not be about losing weight.. 
    No matter what, health is the most important! No matter how much I want to keep in shape, if I can’t keep myself healthy or if I’m psychologically depressed, then I will not be able to do anything. Also, given that I used to exercise a lot in the past, nowadays my body remains in shape with just minimal everyday efforts. For example, when I eat too much during dinner then I will make sure to go home walking for that day. That’s why I always go around wearing loafers or running shoes.
    You were drinking coconut water while getting your makeup done. Does that also have to do with keeping your body in shape?
    I have a bad habit of not drinking much water. However, drinking sufficient amount of water is necessary for a fit body and nice skin! As I was worrying about this, I have come to learn about coconut water. It was delicious so ever since then I started ordering and drinking it everyday.
    During the last time we had an interview with you, you were having an energetic diet. But now, it feels like you have become a wise person when it comes to keeping in shape. Do you agree with this? 
    As long as I’m living as a celebrity, then I can’t not be watchful when it comes to keeping in shape. However, I believe that I have to naturally develop some habits for keeping fit, if I don’t want it to last short. It’s going to be hard of course, but I’m trying to slowly put that into practice.
    Other than this, is there any of your past habits related to beauty that you regret now? 
    During my early 20s, I used to only pay attention to pretty makeup, I was really ignorant when it comes to cleansing. I regret having that habit, so now I try as much as possible to erase my makeup and allow my skin to breathe whenever I have time. Even if it’s only for 1 hour.
    I guess it’s because you lead a healthy life, but you have such nice skin. What’s your secret?
    Lately I started to use a pure vitamin C serum. Once I apply it to my skin, I start feeling my skin getting tight and radiant. Now that I do skin cleansing frequently, I started getting more attracted towards mild watery products. I can also use them easily inside the car, which I like about them.
    On days where you have an important filming, like today, what kind of special care do you do? 
    I use Mikimoto facial mask to supply my skin with nourishment and moisture. Just with this alone, I can really feel my skin looking different. I lately purchased a large quantity of it through home-shopping.
    At last, anything that you hope for?
    Now, I want to find my own happiness outside of ‘celebrity Hyomin’. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just a trivial happiness. Of course, I will not neglect my duties as T-ARA’s Hyomin either.
    Source: Cosmopolitan + scan by Starhunter910
    Translation: FY!T-ARA
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    tararules reacted to craZy in [16.06.20] Soyeon on maintaining longevity as a girl group + to star in web drama in July   
    [16.06.20] Soyeon on maintaining longevity as a girl group + to star in web drama in July     “Longevity as an 8-year-old girl group? Because I listen to my company well.” T-ara's Soyeon reveals the secret to “long-life” for girl groups.   Soyeon filmed for a pictorial shoot with BNT recently and sat down for an interview.   Soyeon, who debuted almost 8 years ago, was asked for her thoughts about a possible secret that helped girl group T-ara survive for almost 8 years now. She replied, “I think it’s because I listen to my company very well. This is something that the members and I recognize and agreed among ourselves too. As idols, our company has kind of taken on a role of our parents, taught us a lot of things and have suggested good directions for us too. That’s probably why we're able to be around till now.”   T-ara carved an impression on the public with their unique styles and concepts. When asked about the reason why T-ara receives love from the public, she explained, “perhaps it’s because T-ara, as a group, puts in a lot of effort in whatever we do and that’s kind of beautiful. Also, instead of thinking that we want to display charismatic performances or good music, we think about how to appeal to different types of age groups. This probably helped us a lot.”   Last but not least, Soyeon said, “we are having activities and concerts in China and we even had a fan meeting in Japan to meet up with our Japanese fans whom we haven't met for a lot time. We're preparing for Korean activities too but personally, I will be filming for a web drama in July. This time it won’t be with T-ara but as actress Soyeon. I hope that everyone will look out for it because I’ll be starring alongside charming seniors in the acting industry.”   Please look forward to seeing actress Soyeon’s image.   Source: Newsen
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    tararules reacted to red4summer in [16.06.20] Video - Soyeon Photo Shoot for BNT International   
    [16.06.20] Video - Soyeon Photo Shoot for BNT International
    Credit: BNT + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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