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  1. Thanks for the screencaps! She looks really chic in the pics, but I felt really sad when I saw her crying. I wanna watch this show so bad T_T.
  2. Great commercial, she looks amazing as always! Samdong and Baekhee ftw! Love Dream high lol.
  3. I love this drama!! I'm not too happy that she's the antagonist, but she plays it so well haha. Her acting is so good! She's improved a lot since her first drama.
  4. Wow! she looks so good, especially in that purple jacket. They look really cute together in that last pic
  5. that's an awesome birthday cake face lol! I really love the Dream High cast, they seem so close.
  6. I was really anticipating this song, i was expecting some autotune b/c it was gonna be by the Brave Brothers, but I was really sad that I couldn't even recognize Hyomin's voice :/ . It would've been a lot better if she didn't sing with so much autotune, but nonetheless she did look really cute in the MV
  7. hmmm...I don't see it lol. I guess they have a similar face shape and hairstyle, but that's it. Maybe i just can't see it haha.
  8. Wow, she really looks the same. She has grown up a lot but still looks gorgeous, a natural beauty!
  9. Haha, that's a funny stress relief method. She's so adorable! I'm glad she's happy after all the comments that netizens made to her
  10. noo! poor hyomin T_T, I can't believe people can be so immature... Some of those VIPs are crazy... they did this to Uee and now Hyomin, they're blowing things way out of proportion.
  11. OMG SO LUCKY>.> i wanna be there when ji yeon checks for my safety
  12. Jiyeon definately deserves more! Adding another member might be lowering her singing time too
  13. that somewhat doesnt make me very happy >_> Ji Yeon is mine! Im so jealous
  14. She looks so pretty in that picture People will surely know her as herself and not someone's daughter.
  15. poor hyomin, the life of an idol is so harsh strict diets and busy schedules to keep up an image is stressful work I hope she stays healthy!
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