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  1. @kelss_smith You just liked my all time favourite song and therefore qualify as my favourite Kelsi.

  2. The worst thing in the world is a sore throat because it makes eating time a sad time =(

  3. "Nothing in this world is awesome if your friends aren't there to see it."

  4. @thori_treads @wolveslike2meow Marry me Thori

  5. @lea_lechner Hi

  6. @wolveslike2meow I spik this language!

  7. @thori_treads I'd never do that to you <3

  8. @LaurenSmA That was a such a legit moment. Would definitely take such payment again

  9. @Spicynachoz @Shiiikamaru Can u draw me bb

  10. @lea_lechner r u ok

  11. @thori_treads I'm very lucky to have someone to call my best friend but I'd consider myself even luckier just to call you baby ????

  12. @freshClarencee Clarebear best bear

  13. Anyone speak fluent French here that can help me write something?

  14. @wolveslike2meow Yasssssssssssssss?

  15. RT @soshikeychain: DAB! IT! LIKE! YOU! MEAN! IT! https://t.co/srNcBW1hDi

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