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  1. The only time that conversation killer of a response "k" is appropriate or proper is when you work in retail and so… https://t.co/bxmssl6x8E

  2. @moonrise31 https://t.co/xOxVcfZSMH

  3. @7tennis So if Australia win this tie they'll be 2-1 in groups? How come they can't get through? ???

  4. @wolveslike2meow miss you too kitto

  5. @_pawtato Hi friend <3

  6. @lea_lechner Sounds like a keeper

  7. @moonrise31 Team Liquid? :DDDDDDD

  8. What's the correct way to make instant noodles?

  9. @kelss_smith You just liked my all time favourite song and therefore qualify as my favourite Kelsi.

  10. The worst thing in the world is a sore throat because it makes eating time a sad time =(

  11. "Nothing in this world is awesome if your friends aren't there to see it."

  12. @thori_treads @wolveslike2meow Marry me Thori

  13. @wolveslike2meow I spik this language!

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