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  1. @carenlisun Aren't you into older guys ;)

  2. @wolveslike2meow Hehehhehehehehehehehehebhee

  3. @wolveslike2meow You are what is wrong with the world

  4. I can only look back at my schooling life and think how lucky I am that I grew up in a country where I never even h… https://t.co/m4li821ENl

  5. @lea_lechner Yeah you heard me

  6. @tracydoell_ I like you

  7. Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes :) Much appreciated!

  8. 02/04/2018 - Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast Nikon D5200, NIKKOR 18-55mm (18.0mm) f/6.3 ISO… https://t.co/vIMkmkx7Ze

  9. 31/03/2018 - Aspen Grove, Armidale Nikon D5200, NIKKOR 18-55mm (42.0mm) f/5.0 ISO 100… https://t.co/hxPr09646z

  10. How can one day start so normal and end so poorly

  11. @lea_lechner Hey that's Dwight

  12. @avaklee Hey.

  13. @avaklee You can puke tomorrow

  14. @wolveslike2meow

  15. The only time that conversation killer of a response "k" is appropriate or proper is when you work in retail and so… https://t.co/bxmssl6x8E

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