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    I'like Kpop. Secret,Snsd,After school,Brown eyed girls,Kara,F(x),Hyuna and i'm a big Hyomin's fan.
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  1. Thanks you Boram and Wooram are so funny !!! I gonna watch !!!
  2. Areum is very cute and Hyomin ..... a godness !!!! And the mickey funny
  3. Oh very beautiful !!!! Qri QBS necklace i want same it's so cool
  4. She is so cute and so beautiful with this dog !!! Hyomin
  5. Eunjung and Amber !!!!! Best mc team !!!! they are so so cute !!!!
  6. Thanks !!!!! The Mv is very good and White clothes are very beautiful
  7. The performance are so good it's a shame that the video not be of good quality
  8. I think is just a very good idea the song are very good and the MV is nice !!!!! Jiyeon is perfect
  9. Oh yeah !!!! Great quality song and the girls are so perfect
  10. Thanks for this pics and the high quality of it. I like their expressions
  11. Woah she have a very nice face in this picture !!!!! I like the last picture so so much
  12. Bah i like is this picture she is so cute !!!! Jiyeon
  13. Wow they look pretty !!!!! But i don't Qri's hair style on the poster !!!!! I have pre-order
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