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  1. I finally saw boram again, he looks a bit skinny. I hope he's eating a lot of fat and make it look sexy.
  2. a family of artists, it was amazing. whether there are drinks sold in Indonesia. hahaha
  3. WOWW !!! indeed a very harmonious family singers. boram and her sister looks very pretty and very much like a twin brother.
  4. they skin all look very white. whether it is due to make up?
  5. wow! if they only put out songs that Japanese version ? because they will debut in Japan.
  6. finally after a long wait they will release their latest song. I can not wait to listen to it would be very nice and special.
  7. A very special indeed progress from T-ara, we will always support you T-ara. I hope it will strengthen cooperation T-ara and artist from the west.
  8. they shoes look very big at all. I am not sure if the shoes really fit with them, Even if fit means very large size of their feet.
  9. I want to know what clothing concepts they use? I looked at her like hip hop,
  10. whether anyone ever tried it? please tell me how to pull this game.
  11. when I got this game I certainly would try to woo and date with boram. maybe one day I want to try this game when it's free. LOL
  12. I was not surprised to see it, because the song is very nice and cool. we wait for the other surprises of its sub-units of T-ara.
  13. she's look amazing. its all looked excited and having fun.
  14. whether there are english subtitles? please provide me the link of his english subtitle
  15. good picture and good concept. we still support and love T-ara forever
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