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  1. Hoping that we will have video from this show in Youtube soon hehe
  2. no T-ara's member in this MV, and that's a big mistake of producer!
  3. love these photos so much, especially the first photo which captured the moment EunJung hugging JiYeon's waist and Ji's right hand is holding Jung's hand keke
  4. Very cool concept. They are the most beautiful female pirates in the world. Wishing that they would release a MV with this pirate concept.
  5. Heehee EunJung looks girly when she stands with Amber, but very manly when she is with Ji Yoen
  6. 21st birthday? Is it not her 20th birthday? She was born in 1993, this year is 2013 > 20 years only. Why is she 21st year old now?
  7. Painkiller MV reminded me of my first love and the character is my image in the past. I used to take anti-anxiety to get me sleep because I missed my ex-lover so much, I couldn't stop thinking of him, therefore I was insomniac for a long time. Breaking up with the one you love is really painful. I never forget that feeling. This MV is so meaningful. So Yoen's voice and Ji Yeon's acting is perfect combination. I cry.
  8. wow, Boram is co cute. She looks like a beautiful doll with her black hair. I really like it.
  9. My heart was broken when I watched the video of T-ara N4 in Palm Pool (US). They were treated too bad and looked down.
  10. Hehe I like it. EunJung is more attractive with tomboy style. It also makes her outstanding from the others.
  11. I think T-ara N4 will come to US again someday if they are invited to take part in a new song of one of US singers they met. Discussing future activities means T-ara will have activities in US or US singers will have in Korea. what is exact concept? ^^
  12. It's great to see Sunny here. I love her and Hyomin since Invincible Youth season 1. Ji Yeon also hugged Sunny before. She is best friend of T-ara (I like it ^^).
  13. Once again, when Eun Jung is interested in the other one, Ji Yeon turn her head to other direction. She doesn't want to look at that scene hahah
  14. Thanks Dani so much for creating a way to US for T-ara (N4). Hope that they could make deep impression in US before returning Korea and gaining No.1 on Music Chart hehe
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